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"The overwhelming majority of my customers find me through, so to me it makes economic sense."

Fiona Grace Peterson

Italian - English (Italy)

"Within a few months, or at most a year, of starting at, I received and accepted so many offers (including, initially, some bad ones) that I was very quickly able to settle in with a number of high-quality agencies and direct clients who pay well, pay quickly, and treat me like a trusted professional. "

Keith Sanders

French - English (United States)

"I have a very satisfying number of clients in Spain, as well as in several countries in South America, thanks to The positive client feedback I have received in the Willingness to Work Again section of my profile has also seemed to help me stand out to potential clients."

Marjon Pijl

Spanish - Dutch (Netherlands)

"The clients who have found me on form about three quarters of my clientele. It has been a tremendous help to me."

Tina Vonhof

Dutch - English (Canada)

"In less than a month, I have had more jobs than ever and I have already earned back the membership cost. If you are a quick learner, you will find more work than you can handle in a relatively short time!"

Lian Pang

English - Chinese (Netherlands)

" was a turning point for me... some of the largest companies in the world are now my clients, and helped me achieve a successful international career. "

André Lisboa

English - Portuguese (Brazil)

"Totally satisfying. I became a member and it just took 3 months to meet a client. I started gradually by becoming a site member and then a Certified PRO. My investment returned following the first job on "

Ehsan Mirzaei

English - Farsi (United Arab Emirates)

"It's simple: exposure keeps helping me in finding new clients, while I keep myself busy translating for my existing clients."

Elías Sauza

English - Spanish (Mexico)

Take more than our word for it. is the world's largest community of language professionals. It has been on the scene since 1999. It has been built with freelancers in mind, for the long-term. It is the number-one source of new clients for translators and interpreters.

And, until the end of 2020, it is even easier to invest in yourself through membership… Plus membership 144 USD (normally 180 USD) Standard membership 96 USD (normally 120 USD)
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Standard membership at includes the following:

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There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. The site team recommends Plus membership in general, for these reasons:

  1. The overall value of the Plus package is several thousand dollars before you add in any return on investment that comes from new client contact, and it normally costs only 180 USD a year, so it's the best possible investment you could make as a translator anywhere, in terms of value for your money. 
  2. It comes with access to a lot of extra resources and tools from partners, designed with the serious language professional in mind: an industrial-strength CAT tool, project management software, an extensive and growing library of training video content, discounts on services for freelance translators, better opportunities at meeting clients who are not even on, etc. See the full list of benefits and comparison table here.
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