Help the community choose the finalists for "The Tides of Tech" translation contest

October 22, 2019 / by Andrea Capuselli


Hi, all!

The current translation contest, “The Tides of Tech”, is just days shy from moving into the finals phase, on October 25th. Your rating can help the community choose the finalists that will go onto the next phase of the contest! translation contests are a community-driven activity, and the qualifications function on double-blind peer reviews. It's your rates that will determine which ones are the best translations among those submitted.

If you work in any of the pairs in qualifications below, please help select the finalists by rating your colleagues’ entries on "quality of writing" and "accuracy of translation". You can rate as many or as few entries as you like, and your rating will be anonymous! And, don't forget, you get 30 browniz points for every entry you rate!


English to Spanish

English to French

English to Italian

English to Portuguese (BR)

English to Ukrainian

English to German

English to Persian (Farsi)

English to Arabic

English to Russian

English to Korean

English to Serbian

English to Hindi

English to Thai

English to Turkish

English to Malay

English to Portuguese (EU)

English to Albanian

English to Chinese

English to Indonesian

English to Polish

English to Swahili

English to Catalan

English to Somali

English to Tamil

English to Vietnamese

To everyone who participates with their rates and feedback, thank you for lending the community a little bit of your time and, of course, for your invaluable insight. This contest wouldn't be possible without you all!

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Happy translating,

Julieta and Andrea

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Andrea Capuselli

Written by Andrea Capuselli

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