Cloud Jobs™

Submit the text, set the rate and receive the translation.

What is Cloud Jobs? Cloud Jobs is a service that enables a client (often, an LSP) to obtain a translation without needing to go though the trouble of selecting a particular translator.

How does it work?

The client uploads the text to be translated and sets a few parameters, including target language and rates. Suitable translators are then automatically invited to consider completing it.

What benefits are there in Cloud Jobs, for translators?

For translators, Cloud Jobs offers a way to obtain paid translation work, in their rates range, without needing to first go through the process of being vetted by a client.

How are Cloud Jobs paid?

The client sets the rate they are offering, and individual translators are free to accept or reject the work. If the work gets completed, invoices the client and pays the translator.

How does the system decide which translators to invite?

Suitable providers are identified based on language pair, field of expertise, native language, rate range, membership status, and optionally other factors.

Rate range is one of the factors considered in translator selection?

Yes. Translators will not be invited to jobs paying below their rates.

What other profile information might be considered?

Other criteria may include current availability status, time zone, Certified PRO status, previous Cloud Job activity and so on.

How many translators get invited to a single Cloud Job?

Invitations go out to suitable professionals in batches of five. As soon as the job is accepted, invitations stop.

What platform is used for Cloud Jobs? Cloud Jobs are ordered and delivered through a platform developed by partner Textra.

What if there are quality issues with a cloud translation?

If quality complaints are received shortly after delivery, the translator may be given the opportunity to correct any defects found in the translation. 

What happens if a translator accepts a job and fails to deliver it?
The job gets reassigned and the translator is penalized. This is seamless to the client.

What if there are quality issues with a translation I have received?
Submit a support ticket. The work will be evaluated and corrected as necessary.

Will I be able to see which translator accepted my job?

Is communication between clients and translators permitted?

What prevents a client and translator from working together next time, without going through the platform?
Nothing. Feel free to do that if you like.

What fees are charged for cloud jobs?
The quote presented when an order is placed includes the payment that will be made to the translator and the commission for the use of the platform. Fees incurred to send money to the translator come out of this commission.

What currencies are supported?
For the time being, only USD.

Are taxes calculated or collected?

How is confidentiality protected?
Service providers are required to agree to treat as confidential all texts and materials provided as part of the job.

Who can see an uploaded source text?
By default, only the translator who accepts the job.

Why is there an option to make a portion of the text visible to all candidates?
For jobs that are not extremely sensitive, showing an except can help translators decide whether or not they want to take the job.