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Training courses and material included in your Plus membership subscription

272 hours of continuing professional development (and counting)

Current total value: 3,570.99 USD

If you are a Plus subscriber, you've invested in your business and career through membership because you are serious about what you do. Chances are, you are serious about your professional development and generally learning new skills too. 

With this in mind, the site team wants to add more value to your Plus membership in the form of training opportunities. Starting with remote interpreter training that the team has put together and field tested in the Interpreter Network:


Get started in interpreting

Some basic interpreter training, curated by the team. More on the way. 



Easy-to-consume modules and checkpoints/evaluations
A variety of topics, including HIPAA compliance, customer service, conflict management, medical interpreting
Designed to move you towards compliance to start taking work
Available exclusively to Plus and Premium subscribers
Call center customer service Real work situations: compliance issues Fraud, waste and abuse for remote interpreters US healthcare system

For updates on current openings and needs from the Interpreter Network, see 

More training:

Agregar un subtítulo

Certified MT Posteditor Training

An online certification program designed to equip you with the expertise needed to become proficient in Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE).

On demand, 20 hours
Understand and use the different levels of postediting requested in the marketplace
Postediting for human-quality results
Confidentiality and quality assurance in MTPE
Postediting Artificial Intelligence output
Available exclusively to Plus and Premium subscribers
Start doing MTPE as a professional

The essential elements of an interpreter's contract

Discover essential elements for a comprehensive interpretation contract, safeguarding your needs and the profession. Receive a customizable template and grasp negotiation techniques to secure favorable agreements.

On demand, 120 minutes
Learn how to prepare your own interpreting contract to protect you, the profession, and guarantee on paper your voice and rights as a professional service provider and business owner.
Write a contract that addresses your basic needs, protects you, and gives you a say in the matter.
Examples of good (and bad!) contracts
Plus, learn some basic interpreter negotiation techniques to position yourself properly and attain the agreement you want
Available exclusively to Plus and Premium subscribers
Draw up that contract
Breaking the AI’s

Workshop: Breaking the AIs

Breaking the ice with Al and large language models (LLMs) for immediate application in your translation work, to your advantage.

On demand, 90 minutes
Learn the basics about Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini
General concepts about creating effective prompts for translation-related work
Strategies to achieve a series of goals when either creating or transforming text
Practical, hands-on workshop designed to get you going right away
Available exclusively to Plus and Premium subscribers
AI away!

Financial freedom for freelancers

Designed for freelance language professionals seeking to achieve long-term financial stability and growth, hosted by Jennifer Nielsen and Tanya Quintieri.

On demand, 3 hours
Assessing your current financial situation
Setting personal success goals
Financial planning specific to freelancers, setting rates
Budgeting and expense management for both personal and business use
Available exclusively to Plus and Premium subscribers
Start your financial freedom

An integrated approach to life, work, and health for freelancers

This course will give you some of the basic tools you need to take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally throughout your freelance career.

On-demand, 2 hours
Practical techniques for building good habits, optimizing your workspace, managing stress effectively
Skills to enhance productivity, prevent injury, improve overall well-being
Tips to help ensure a healthier and more successful (and enjoyable) life as a freelance language professional
Available exclusively to Plus and Premium subscribers
Improve your work-life balance
Remote Interpreter Bootcamp small

Become a remote language interpreter

For new interpreters as well as for those who wish to refresh their skills or retrain for remote interpreting.

80 hours of study and practice
Apt for new interpreters, or those who want to practice or retrain for remote interpreting
Modalities, skills, qualifications, protocols and procedures
Tech, tools, setup and platforms
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Remote interpreter bootcamp

HIPAA compliance for remote interpreters

If you provide services in the healthcare or medical industry, HIPAA compliance is a basic pre-requisite for working with many clients.

On-demand, 90 minutes (approx)
Certificate of completion
Show your clients you are HIPAA compliant (a pre-requisite for many remote interpreting gigs)
Normally 20-50 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Become HIPAA compliant Become HIPAA compliant (Spanish)
An Introduction to Translation-small-2

An introduction to translation

Key tools, fundamental techniques and how to earn a living and grow a business as a translator.

Self-paced, 6 hours
Find out: is translation right for you?
Cover the basics: work, pay, tools
Plan your career
Normally 149 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Introduction to translation
Spotlight Getting Started thumb

Getting started as a freelance translator

Getting started can be tough. How do you find clients? How can you convince people that you have experience when you don't? What should you do about CAT tools and online platforms? 

Self-paced, 16 hours
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Getting started as a freelance translator course

From vision to practical steps: defining and reaching success

A chance to reset the way you approach your work, and then sit back and enjoy the results.

Self-paced, 5 hours
Create a unique vision of your role and business
Developing mindset in addition to skills and marketing
Become a freelance business, not just an agency freelancer
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Take 10 Steps to success
Get More Clients small

Grow your freelance business

Master the sales and prospecting skills that will help you win more clients and increase your earnings.

Self-paced, 4 hours
Fundamentals and the sales mindset
Planning your path, services, rates
Marketing and prospecting
Proposals, negotiating, closing, and client retention
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Get more clients course
website course banner short

Set up your own website and build your online brand

Learn the steps you need to take to build a professional website that represents you as a language professional, and grow your brand online.

Self-paced, 5 hours
SEO basics, creating landing pages
Building your website with WordPress
Building your brand with content marketing
Use Google Ads to increase your revenue
Normally 99 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access website/brand building course
Leveraging LinkedIn

Mastering LinkedIn for your business

Leverage the professional network LinkedIn to get more out of it for your business, and develop value-based interactions which convert potential clients into ongoing customers.

Self-paced, 4 hours
Craft a compelling profile and share valuable content
Leverage groups effectively
Develop a sales funnel using LinkedIn
Normally 49 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Master LinkedIn

Cómo crear y mejorar tu CV para conseguir más y mejores clientes


On-demand, 2 horas
Claves para confeccionar un CV profesional, apuntando a tus clientes ideales
Errores para evitar
El CV institucional / corporativo
Precio normal 30 USD - gratis para miembros Plus y Premium
Construir un CV excelente
Karen Tkaczyk

Editing and proofreading for translators

Whether you are an established translator looking to make small improvements, or a new translator who knows you need to invest and grow in this area, this course will set you up with the skills to succeed.

Self-paced, 6 hours
Long-standing methods and modern tools
Draft your own editing and proofreading process and put it to the test
Learn how to adequately price your services and negotiate your worth
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Improve your editing and proofreading skills

Getting started in Voiceover

Learn how to get the right equipment for voiceover, how to edit your recordings, record a demo, increase your confidence and get voiceover clients!

Self-paced, 7 hours
Skills and setup
Recording and editing audio
Getting VO clients
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access An introduction to Voiceover
legal terminology

Introduction to legal terminology

Get the basics needed to start translating in the legal field without hearing "Objection, Your Honor!" from your clients.

Self-paced, 18 hours
Patent terminology
Commercial law terminology
Family law terminology
Real estate law terminology
Wills and estates law terminology
Normally 70 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Legal terminology course
official documents

Official translations: contracts,
certificates, and court documents

Learn how to handle the translation of official documents, such as personal identity documents, contracts, licenses, certificates and similar. 

Self-paced, 4 hours
Develop the skill and the techniques needed for official translations
Learn how to deal with phrases, words or other items in the original document that are unclear, illegible, incorrect or typed wrongly
Practice using notes and brackets as well as other tricks used by certified translators to render an accurate and faithful translation
Prepare for the position of a certified court translator
Normally 15 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Official documents course

Search Ninja: cut your search times in half

Did you know that most translators spend close to one third of their day performing searches... often using archaic search methods? Imagine if you could cut that time in half with a handful of quick optimizations and free programs...

Self-paced, 3 hours
Browser optimizations, usage checkers, one-click searches, voice typing, instant email templates, lightning-fast OCR, and more
2 Bonus eBooks
Normally 45 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Become a Search Ninja
medical terminology

Introduction to medical terminology

Each organ system is presented and discussed separately. Learn basic anatomical terms, diagnostic procedures, and common pathological conditions.

Self-paced, 15 hours
Cardiovascular and lymphatic, skeletal and muscular systems
Brain and nervous system, respiratory and sensory systems
Integumentary and gastrointestinal systems
Endocrine and urinary systems, male and female reproductive systems
Normally 190 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Medical terminology course
clinical trials

Clinical trials and medical documentation

This course focuses on translation of clinical trials and related documentation. If you are new to the medical field, or considering adding it as a specialization, this course is for you.

Self-paced, 7 hours
International standards, stages of discovery and development
The 4 phases of clinical trials and how they impact the clinical trial process of a drug
The various types of clinical trial documentation, such as SmPC, Informed Consent Form and Patient Information Leaflet
Essential pharmacokinetic metrics
Advanced search techniques to enable medical translators to locate information on the internet
Normally 29.99 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access Clinical trials course
The Medical Translators First-Aid Kit thumb

The medical translator's first aid kit

Develop the skills you need to succeed as a freelance medical translator.

Self-paced, 7 hours
Specialization, the basics, dealing with terminology
Where medical translation and marketing meet
What to expect, approaching clients, real-life challenges
... and more
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Open your medical translator first aid kit
An Introduction to CAT Tools thumb

CAT tool starter kit

At least 90% of translators use one or more CAT tools. Discover how to harness the power of CAT tools as an integral part of your translation process.

Self-paced, 10 hours
Get trained in Trados, Wordfast, and CafeTran Espresso
Learn about other productivity tools that can work in conjunction with your CAT tool
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access CAT tool starter kit
CafeTran training

Get trained in your CAT tool (CafeTran)

You probably know that your Plus subscription comes with a floating license to CafeTran, an industrial-strength CAT tool. Did you know you can get trained to use it for free too?

Self-paced, 2 hours
Get up and running fast with the CAT tool that comes with your subscription
Six modules covering the basics, from start to finish
Access CafeTran course

Get trained in your CAT tool (memoQ)

Learn how to use memoQ from scratch.

Self-paced, 3 hours
See how to use memoQ for translation work, from start to finish
Normally 79 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Access memoQ course

Gestión de terminología en Trados Studio: Multiterm vs. Glossary Converter (Spanish)

Aprender a convertir glosarios para usarlos con Trados Studio.

Self-paced, 3 hours
Crear, usar, importar y exportar glosarios con Trados Studio
Normally 45 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
Acceder a Gestión de terminología en Trados Studio
ultimate guide (1)

The ultimate guide to video game localization 

This course is intended for anyone, from translators starting in the industry to more experienced linguists, interested in working as a translator in video game localization.

Self-paced, 4 hours
Everything you need to know to get started in game localization
Normally 199 USD - Free for Plus subscribers
START Ultimate video game localization guide

Watch 4+ hours of content on video game localization and get a certificate

A series of Meetups featuring the Terra Localizations team on working in the world of video game localization.

Self-paced, 5 hours
Find out what it takes to work in game localization
START Video game localization course

An intro to AVT

The different types of Audiovisual translation (AVT), getting started in subtitling, template creation, dubbing. If you are thinking of getting into AVT, this is a good place to start.

Find out what it takes to work in Audiovisual translation

More to come

The team is working hard to bring more value to your Plus subscription. As the number of Plus members grows, expect more tools, opportunities, services and resources to be added.

And if you are Premium... Premium members, besides having full access to everything included in Plus membership, have access to a growing library of training content related to AI in language services, their own AI companion tool, their own website and hosting, and more. See courses which are exclusive to Premium membership here »

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