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For translators, interpreters and other language professionals who want to look around the site before investing in membership

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  • Enjoy many features on a limited, introductory basis.


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$120 $110 / year

For language professionals ready to invest in membership and begin meeting clients

  • Be a full member of the world's leading community of freelance translators and interpreters.

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  • Enjoy a host of member-only benefits on the site, including those related to meeting new clients, collaborating, getting trained and so on. (See list.)


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$180 $170 / year

For full-on freelancers who can use a complete suite of services for language professionals

  • Enjoy all the benefits of the Standard package as a full member of, plus...

  • Access a powerful suite of professional tools and assets provided by partners, including a TM tool, business organization package, hundreds of glossaries, nearly 1000 hours of industry-specific training, and much more.

  • Be eligible to meet new clients throughout the extended ecosystem (i.e. via other sites) and in some cases be paid by

  • Save $10 if you subscribe today.


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  • As one freelancer put it, "works automatically as a marketing tool."
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    Even while you’re working, your profile is doing its job. The directory is the largest and most detailed in the industry, and hundreds of outsourcers hire via the directory every day. Profile pages (not job postings) are the most common means for clients and translators to meet.
  • And that's not all.


"I have found almost all of my clients through Benefits of full membership in this site is worth of every penny I paid."


Emin Arı


Member since 2008


"It is important to maximize your time and networking efforts. can be a good investment, as it will tirelessly represent you around the clock."


Johanne Benoit-Gallagher


Member since 2006


"It's simple: exposure to clients keeps helping in finding new clients, while I keep myself busy translating for the existing clients."


Elías Sauza


Member since 2002 Membership Benefits

 networking.png members meet new clients at 4 times the rate of non-members.



Members appear before all non-members in the directory.



Outsourcers that post jobs see quotes from members first.



Members can submit quotes to member-only jobs. Over half of all job postings are restricted to members for at least twelve hours.



Invaluable risk management through the Blue Board™ helps you to avoid working with the wrong outsourcer.

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See only translation related advertisements.



Host powwows (casual meetings of site users that live near each other).



Create teams.



Easily create, send, and track invoices online at virtual conferences, the largest gatherings of professionals in the industry.

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Exclusive access to content and networking opportunities at virtual conferences, the largest gatherings of professionals in the industry.

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Members are eligible for discounts on a wide variety of training sessions and also enjoy periodic discounts on software, tools and conferences.



Track visitors to your profile. is also a global community


The contacts you make with trustworthy colleagues can lead to great things (as well as being a source of new work). Translators have used to connect with fellow professionals, and gone on to create new businesses, translators' organizations, networks, initiatives, services and events, across the Internet and in person, together. Maintaining a presence at the industry's leading crossroads may take you in new directions you never anticipated.


More than 36,000 translators, interpreters and translation companies have endorsed the professional guidelines. A new version of the guidelines has been released. See the professional guidelines here.



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