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Uncertainty is all around us, never more so than today. If you are just starting out, or have been in the profession for a while, or even if you have a steady list of clients, you may still need a smart strategy to be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings. membership offers you full access to tools and opportunities you can use to shelter your business and keep it safe. Jobs, visibility, term help, online invoicing, risk management, training, events, software, and much more to help you face the unknown with more confidence. See a full list of membership benefits »

For over twenty years, language professionals have used as a resource to start their careers or take their already-established careers to the next level. They have made a safe decision and this is what they say about it:

"I would certainly recommend becoming a paying member at I started with a free membership, but I have had much more work since I decided to invest in membership. Now I don't have any delay before quoting for a "private" job posting, I have access to the LWA of every outsourcer on the Blue Board, and I can meet fellow translators via the site or at a powwow."

Marie Devocelle

Legal & Finance Specialist HR Marketing

" is the platform per excellence to get more work and where you can find the answer to all your translation related questions. What’s more, offers the professional translator various courses and almost all translation software at serious discounts. Every activity that undertakes is perfectly organized and a 100% reliable. Paying for an annual membership is really worth the money."

Helena Vansynghel

A Passion for Translation F/EN/SP/POR>NL

"To me, it really is a no-brainer. The fee represents a few hours of labor and the advantages I derive from it far exceed the small outlay of cash. Any single one of the benefits I've cited above would be worth the annual fee."

Robert Forstag

Translating words, preserving meaning

"Being a member has enabled me to contact many new clients, most of which I now receive regular work from. Next to professional qualifications, membership is the best investment a translator can make."

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray, MA, DipTrans IOL

" is terrific. I would not have a translation career without these past 7 years as a member. Between the technology and the global marketplace provided by, there's never been a better time to be a translator. No, no translation career. Thanks!"

MacLeod Cushing

Publication-quality translations

"Initially, I doubted if my membership investment would represent a benefit. Well, I broke even after 2-3 months of becoming a member!"

Azman Salleh

Translation is like a breeze


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Access to the entire suite of tools and opportunities available on the site at a discount on the regular membership fee.

Money-back guarantee

Request a refund of the remaining of your membership at any time. No questions asked!

Job fair pass

Exclusive access to the upcoming job fair where you will meet clients who are ready to hire.

Three months of CafeTran

CafeTran Espresso is a CAT tool included in the Professional Plus membership package. Access to CafeTran has been enabled for all members in April 2020 and access will remain open until April 1st, 2022.

Campaign prizes

A chance at winning any of the following prizes**:

     1. A ticket to any 2022 industry event.
     2. A software licence (from the store)
     3. A training session.
     4. An e-book of your choice (Kindle or audio-book)
     5. $30 USD wallet credit to post Cloud jobs (for outsourcers)

** To be eligible to win in the campaign prize drawings, you must have a complete profile (all "required" fields).  A complete profile which accurately reflects you as a professional, together with membership, leads to better new client contact. Complete your profile »


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