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Taking part in the community means networking and collaborating with colleagues. Why is networking important? Because when you meet, help and interact with other professionals you gain additional knowledge and perspective, while expanding the possibilities of finding new clients or partners to grow your business. Making friends and fostering relevant connections in your network may lead to calls when there is a need for help --yours or theirs. Additionally, networking helps you to stay up-to-date with new business trends and identify business best practices.



Enjoy KudoZ


KudoZ is a community-based terminology network where colleagues help each other with the translation of terms that are too new or specialized to appear in most glossaries or dictionaries. This is how it works:


icons8-ask-question-100A colleague asks a term question.

icons8-communication-100 (2)The community proposes translations.

icons8-star-filled-100The asker selects the most helpful answer.


When a client searches the directory's main source of clients-- results come in two sets. The first set is made up of (paying) members, the second set is made up of non-paying registrants. Each set is ranked by KudoZ points, Browniz points and registration date. Because about half of all site users have no points, earning even a few KudoZ points can significantly boost your standing in the directory.


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Take part in translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators.


Each contest is divided into three different phases:


icons8-asterisk-64Submission: contestants propose their translations of the source text into any language.

icons8-asterisk-64Qualification: voters are asked to rate translations in two categories: "Quality of writing" and "Accuracy of translation". This phase is only opened in pairs with a large number of entries.

icons8-asterisk-64Finals: voters are asked to select the entry that they consider the best of the group. The entry that collects the most points in final round voting wins and winners receive a digital certificate and, optionally, recognition in the community and in their profile.


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Participate in discussions has an open forum for discussions related to the language and translation industry, to, or to the community. In forums, users discuss topics of mutual interest in a relatively unstructured format.


Any user with a registered site account can access valuable information in forums or open new threads and reply to topics. To start a new thread in a forum, visit the forum page and then click on the "Post new topic" link, on the upper left part of the screen. To answer to an already existing thread, click on the “Reply / comment” button to create a new post or on the “Reply with quote” link inside a previous post to reply to this post in particular keeping it in a box inside your own reply.


Users can also set forum alert preferences to be notified via email of new posts to forums of interest and select which forums appear on the homepage.


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Create your team


Use translation teams to pair up with colleagues and act as a single entity at Each team is provided with a private workspace that offers the following to team members: 

  icons8-checkmark-30A private forum where team members can discuss topics of interest.
  icons8-checkmark-30The option to post KudoZ questions to team members only.
  icons8-checkmark-30A team files section to share resources among team members (glossaries, TMs, CVs, reference or work files, etc.).
  icons8-checkmark-30The option to post jobs to team members only and based on specific criteria (and also receive jobs from external outsourcers).

Added to the above, team members can submit job quotes as a team and are given a unique team URL that they can share with anyone. teams are also listed in the Teams Directory.


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Check events around the globe


Translation industry events provide excellent opportunities for networking, training, discussions, presentations, professional development and socializing. These events may include online or in-person conferences, training sessions or simply informal gatherings. offers the following options:


icons8-calendar-plus-40 (1) live feeds from events around the globe.

icons8-calendar-plus-40 (1)Powwows: virtual or in-person get-togethers of groups of like-minded professionals.

icons8-calendar-plus-40 (1)Training: online seminars delivered to provide professional training to translators, interpreters and others in the language industry.


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Play a more active role


Take part in the community while promoting your expertise, and stand out from the rest:


  icons8-add-100 (2)Become a mentor »

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  icons8-add-100 (2)Become a moderator »

  icons8-add-100 (2)Localize »

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Follow and be followed


Stay updated on what other translators are doing on by clicking the Follow_button button in their profile, and see their activity in real time using the activity feed page. Follow other site users working in your languages and fields, and stay up-to-date.


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Add profile referrals


Profile referrals is a feature that offers site members the possibility of cross-linking their profile with the profile of other members whose work they know to be of a high standard, increasing exposure to potential clients.


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