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If you are already taking calls or you wish to start taking calls with, here you will find a list of recommended training sessions and courses that you can take as part of your path to become a fully-fledged interpreter. Most of the incoming calls to the Interpreter Network are medical calls, so the team has put together this list to help you get training and start receiving medical calls.

General medical terminology courses

This are courses for interpreters who haven't receiving any formal medical training at all. Healthcare Training sessions

These are training sessions hosted by These courses are taken by industry professionals who want to advance their skills. Some of them can be purchased in a bundle at discounted prices.

Medical Interpreter Courses

These are programs designed for those interpreters wanting to specialize in medical interpreting. These are the minimum certifications that every medical interpreter should have. Courses vary in length from 40 to 180 hours and more (some even 2000 hours). If you don't have these certifications and want to become a full-time professional medical interpreter, you should definitely make sure that you will complete one of these programs any time soon.

Free Interpreter Network courses for remote interpreters

These courses are accessible to all the interpreters who are part of the Interpreter Network or who are completing the process to join. These courses are designed to improve the skills of interpreters who are just starting out and to provide the required certifications for those who wish to start taking calls with The courses are hosted on the EdApp platform and require you to create an account using a passcode.  Create an account on the EdApp platform using this passcode ieEnmWF2972pM.

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