The Interpreter Network is a de-centralized group of screened language professionals taking remote interpreting calls with
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Enrique Manzo

Head of Interpreter Operations



Florencia Vita

Quality Assurance & Lead Talent Acquisition



Mariano Marchesini

Language Coverage Specialist

Benefits for interpreters

Online presence

Apply for an interpreter profile in the Pool of curated professionals. Pools are teams of language experts. The staff reviews each individual application to determine whether a professional can be accepted into a pool. Read more info about pools


Continuous professional development

Improve your skills and advance in your interpreter career with these courses. The Interpreter Network offers free and paid courses, and also recommends courses that you can take to become a better interpreter. See courses


Timely payments

Available on the 25th of the of each month with Proz*Pay. Check the available ProZ*Pay payment methods 


Ongoing support

The Interpreter Network strives to solve any technical issues that may come up, so that you only worry about taking calls.


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We work with two leading Interpreting Technology Platforms, this ensures that we can provide a smooth service for both scheduled and on-demand assignments, be it OPI (Over the phone interpreting) or VRI (Video remote interpreting) calls, bring them in!


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The minimum requirements are:

  • Certificate or degree in interpreting, translation, or language.
  • Experience as an interpreter.
  • HIPAA-compliance certification (if you don't have this certification, will provide this training for you).

Before applying, you need to watch the introductory video and read the code of conduct.

No, your application to the Interpreter Network can be accepted if you meet the minimum requirements to apply. See "What do I need to join in?" above.

Yes, the Interpreter Network is open for all users. Note that members still have benefits when it comes to advance payment fees.

With Boostlingo, the rate is 0.40 USD for each minute of interpretation. That is to say, 24 USD for each hour of remote interpretation. Rates can increase based on performance or if there's high demand for a particular language, however, rates won't decrease from 0.40 USD per minute. There's payment total for each call. All payments for a given month add up to a grand monthly total. If you are an ASL interpreter, then the applicable rate is 0.90 USD per minute.

With Total Language, the rate is determined by each interpreter, depending on the averages for their language pairs, desired market positioning and competitiveness.

PayPal, Skrill, and bank transfer.

You can set up your payment methods at Proz*Pay.

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