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Get paid for interpreting, on your own schedule.


Some requirements

  • 40-hour medical interpreting training
  • Experience as a medical interpreter
  • English-language proficiency
  • HIPAA-compliant working space

Do you meet the requirements?

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What is the ProZ.com Interpreter Network?

It's a ProZ.com service that consists of a decentralized set of pre-screened interpreters taking on-demand interpreting calls with ProZ.com partners.

Wait, what? In simple terms, the Interpreter Network allows interpreters to work remotely by taking calls from ProZ.com partners. Partners send calls from clients to ProZ.com interpreters. Interpreters take these calls through an online platform (not phones!) and get paid for every minute of interpretation. So it's as simple as connecting to the platform, taking a call, and getting paid.

Before you can start taking calls, you need to pass a quick screening process with the ProZ.com staff. This involves providing documentation, passing some tests, and having a quick test call with a recruiter.

Why the ProZ.com Interpreter Network?

Manage money

Get paid the way you want

No more waiting 60 days before getting paid! With the Interpreter Network, you can get paid on the very first day of every month. You can also use any payment method, including bank transfers, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies.

Work from anywhere

Take calls from anywhere as long as you have a HIPAA-compliant workspace. No need for visa permits, paperwork, or procedures. The Interpreter Network staff will coach you to help you be fully HIPAA compliant.

Remote meeting

Receive free, industry-specific training 💪

Free training involving remote interpreting topics will be available to you. New courses are being released every month.

Showcase your accomplishments 💼

Feedback left by clients after a call can be publicly displayed on your ProZ.com profile. This will help you land more clients.

Receive support to help you succeed 

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced interpreter, the team will help you reach your goals.

Meet other professionals 🚀

Join interpreter events and meetups to check out what your fellow interpreters are up to. Network and have fun at the same time.

How do interpreters take calls?

Interpreters connect to ProZ.com partner platforms whenever they are available. ProZ.com staff give interpreters information about what languages are being requested and when. Once online, interpreters may start accepting calls. Calls will come in on and off regularly. Calls may involve doctor appointments, consultations, medical examinations, etc. Calls may be as shot as five minutes or last up to two hours, so better be prepared! :D


The Interpreter Network team is here to support you

Enrique Manzo



Enrique tracks incoming calls and helps interpreters get ready when they are needed the most. He will also help you with any payment or compliance issues.

Florencia Vita


IMG_5759 (3)

Florencia makes sure the best interpreters join the Network. She onboards new interpreters and conducts QA calls to help interpreters stay compliant.

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