Share the journey
with friends
and everyone wins

"It's simple: exposure keeps helping me in finding new clients, while I keep myself busy translating for my existing clients."

Elías Sauza

English - Spanish (Mexico)

"In less than a month, I have had more jobs than ever and I have already earned back the membership cost. "

Lian Pang

English - Chinese (Netherlands)

"To date I have signed 10 contracts with 10 agencies, the result of's solid support and my strategic perseverance. "

Antonio Rodriguez

Spanish - English (USA)

"Most of my best clients have contacted me through my profile on"

Yetta J Bogarde

English - Danish (Denmark)

" was a turning point for me. Some of the largest companies in the world are now my clients, and helped me achieve a successful international career. "

André Lisboa

Portuguese - English (Brazil)

"The clients who have found me on form about three quarters of my clientele. It has been a tremendous help to me."

Tina Vonhof

Dutch - English (Netherlands)

"Totally satisfying. My investment returned following the first job on "

Ehsan Mirzaei

English - Persian (UAE)

There is strength in numbers at

There are some things you have to do on your own. But it's always nice when you can take certain new adventures in the company of friends. 

If you and other colleagues you know have considered membership but not yet taken that leap, here is a chance to get together as a team, start making use of the benefits, services and client contact at, and to do it for less. In fact, the more people on your team, the more you all save on your investment.


How does it work?

Just select the package that is best suited to you and your group below. One of you should make the purchase. After making the purchase, staff will contact you to ask who is in your group. If you can provide their names and email addresses, that will make it easy to find their accounts. Membership will then be granted to those accounts, and that's it, your entire group will embark on a year of membership together.

Option 1: Membership for up to 3 people

Collectively save 60 USD off the regular fee of Standard membership for freelancers (normally 120 USD)

Standard membership for 3 300 USD

Option 2: Membership for up to 6 people

Get together with 5 other colleagues and collectively save 240 USD off the regular price of Standard membership (normally 120 USD)

Standard membership for up to 6 480 USD

Option 3: Plus group memberships 

Plus membership is normally 180 USD per year. Group options at a 20% discount are available, but must be tailored to the number of people in your group. 

Tell staff who is in your group  to get a custom discount link for Plus »

(You can also write directly to to request the group discount link for your team)

* For group memberships, one person will need to make the purchase, and then provide the necessary information needed by staff (email addresses or profile links) to locate each group member's account to activate their membership.

* Group membership discounts are valid on the first year of membership, and cannot be combined with other existing discounts or on membership renewals.

Membership benefits

Standard membership at includes the following:

Plus membership at includes all the services and benefits of Standard membership, plus the following:

  1. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. The site team recommends Plus membership in general, for these reasons:

    1. The overall value of the Plus package is several thousand dollars before you add in any return on investment that comes from new client contact, and it normally costs only 180 USD a year, so it's the best possible investment you could make as a translator anywhere, in terms of value for your money. 
    2. It comes with access to a lot of extra resources and tools from partners, designed with the serious language professional in mind: an industrial-strength CAT tool, project management software, an extensive and growing library of training video content, discounts on services for freelance translators, better opportunities at meeting clients who are not even on, etc. See the full list of benefits and comparison table here.

Need help finding a friend or two?

If you are having trouble getting together a group to go on this journey with you, now might be good time to get out there and network a little! Here are some ideas.

Network online

Virtual_powwows_003 powwows are informal get-togethers of language professionals. They are a good opportunity to meet and network with colleagues in your area, or colleagues anywhere who share your language pair, specialty, or other interests. Powwows have recently gone virtual, meaning you can now connect with fellow translators and interpreters from home or wherever you happen to be. Check the schedule of upcoming powwows to see if there is one that suits you. If not, you can also propose a new powwow:


FB_group has a Facebook group open to all freelance translators and interpreters. If you have not joined already, you may find it a good place to network with potential colleagues, collaborators and clients:


howdoyousayIf you know your terminology, answering KudoZ term help questions is an excellent way of networking with colleagues working in your language pair and areas of expertise. It's also nice to be able to help someone else resolve a term doubt, and if you earn points for your answers, this can improve your ranking in the directory (the main channel through which work is passed at



Post about it! You can post a request for additional team members, and see posted requests, in this forum



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