Paying a team? Let ProZ*Pay take care of your payroll in minutes

Start payroll in minutes

Decide who to pay, when and how much. Pay your freelancers with one bulk payment, and we'll make sure they get paid on time (even sooner), in their preferred payout method.

  • No minimum amounts
  • Email a spreadsheet, upload file or use API to share monthly, weekly or daily totals - discounts available for sending early
  • Dedicated ProZ*Pay team will onboard all payees, finding the best payout for them
  • Registration at preferred, not required for freelancers
  • Give happy freelancers the option to "get paid early" using ProZ*Pay money. 

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Your freelancer payroll might look something like this ☝️

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Whether it is 5 or 500 payees, the dedicated ProZ*Pay team will take care of the rest in no time. 

Other language companies are using ProZ*Pay to pay

  • On-demand interpreters
  • Subtitlers and audio visual specialists
  • International (out of country) talent
  • All freelancers on special new projects

**Please note, if the person you’re sending money to does not fit with any payout options, we’ll refund your money back to the bank account it came from.**

Add the ProZ*Pay API

Reduce bulk payment fees by supporting "get paid early"

ProZ*Pay's goal is to speed up payments in the language industry. If the amount earned is known ahead of payout date,  share that with ProZ*Pay to allow language professionals to request payment on open invoices.

This service uses ProZ*Pay money to pay early - before the agreed upon date and often before the end client has paid the language company.

Find out more about how to make your freelancers happy with this feature via

Reduce bulk payment fees by supporting "payment day"

Another way ProZ*Pay helps to minimize payment fees is by aggregating payments from multiple payers and sending them to a recipient in a single transfer, combining multiple payments (and payment fees) into one when possible.

This works best when most payments are delivered on the same day, which ProZ*Pay calls "payment day". Payment day occurs regularly on the 25th of each month (or the prior business day if the 25th falls on a weekend or bank holiday).

If you send multiple payments at a time through ProZ*Pay, you can enjoy lower fees by arranging for them to be delivered on payment day, and sending us your payment information at least 3 days before payment day so we have time to prepare their delivery.

Fees are customized based on your volume, business membership and other considerations. Please contact us to learn more.