Why ProZ Pay™?

Language professionals:

  • Keep more of your earnings
  • Less paperwork - enter payments and tax information once for many LSPs
  • Request payment your way (PayPal, bank transfers, Skrill, etc)
  • Share your personal link or direct to your profile for easy setup
  • Track companies that have paid you 
  • Integration with ProZ.com invoicing for translators 

Request a payment

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How to setup your Payment Preferences

  1. Click to your profile settings (Financial)
  2. Update your ProZ Pay™ preferences
  3. Create your custom link 


"I greatly appreciate the efforts done by you and ProZ Pay™ staff, I got this payment due to your formal request, after 10 months delay and declining all payment methods except PayPal.  ProZ Pay™ method really is life saver for freelancers who are from developing countries. I am proud to be ProZ.com member." ~ Ayelign Guadie