Language Professionals: Get paid faster with ProZ*Pay

What is ProZ*Pay?

ProZ*Pay is a service introduced by in 2017 to help translation companies pay freelancers globally. For freelancers, ProZ*Pay is a convenient and economically advantageous way to get paid. It is the payment service focused on freelancer success. For businesses, ProZ*Pay makes paying freelancers more convenient through individual payments and payroll services

How it works for freelancers

Freelancers indicate, in their ProZ*Pay account settings, their preferred method of receiving payments. (This can be changed as their location or situation changes.)

Payments are issued in the amount and according to the timing indicated in the payer's instructions.

Freelancers can request withdrawals each time a payment is received, or they can allow amounts to accumulate before withdrawing. (See video for more)

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Benefits to freelancers


Freelancers are able to manage personal payment preferences, choosing bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer,, Skrill,  Remitly, cash pickup, cryptocurrency and more.

Usually, freelancers get as much or more money than they would have otherwise received (because the most desirable payment method for them is being used).


Payments often come in faster (because of the dedicated ProZ*Pay team; payers in translation companies are not necessarily dedicated full-time to payments).


If the freelancer has a question or problem with payment, he or she can contact a staff member and get a timely response. Open support request here

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What is the fastest way to start with ProZ*Pay?

Request payment from your client (we may be able to get you the money right away) at


Other ways to suggest ProZ*Pay include links on invoicing for translators, links in your profile and suggesting your client try payroll with ProZ*Pay. Some software (like Crowdin) offers integrated opportunities for your client to use ProZ*Pay as well.

Want to get paid early?

ProZ*Pay works with language companies to provide payout information early. Once payment data is available, a freelancer may request to get paid early for an additional fee. ProZ*Pay will cover the cost of this payment prior to the receipt of funds for that month. ProZ*Pay wants to speed up freelancer payments in the language industry. Blog

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