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Tired of spending time filling out payment paperwork, requesting payment information, and making sure personal data is handled properly?  Could your time be better spent?

With ProZ Pay™ offer more options and help your freelancers keep more:

  • One payment instead of many
  • Less money lost to fees
  • Recruitment boost
  • Expand your business to reach the 1 million profiles at
  • Freelancer identity and payability are confirmed for you
  • Paperwork handled (ex. 1099, W-9 in US)

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  1. Enter payees and amounts using list builder  or direct link to your payee
  2. Review and confirm payments
  3. Fund payments your way (bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill)

Be sure to note who is responsible for paying the transfer fees. When fees are paid by the outsourcer, a service fee of 5% (or 3%, for Business Plus and Enterprise subscribers) is added to the invoice to cover fees for making payments. 

Whatever you are paying now, odds are we can beat it with ProZ Pay™.

Using ProZ Pay to get paid your way? Professionals may find out more here

"I've found ProZ Pay™ to be a very transparent and convenient way to track and receive payments from clients. There are no hidden fees, and it ensures that both you and your client are on the same page and are committed to meeting payment and project deadlines. I highly recommend it!" ~ Charlie Higgins 

What is ProZ Pay?
A payment service for LSPs 

Who can use ProZ Pay? business members with Blue Board ratings of 4.2 or higher.

What recruiting benefits are there for using ProZ Pay? 
After using ProZ Pay, features on the site will bring more attention to your business, adding to your reputation as an outsourcer. For example, a special icon will appear on your Blue Board record.

What is the process for paying?
To setup payments, identify the freelancers to be paid and amount payable to each. will coordinate payment methods with the freelancers and settlement (bank transfer, PayPal, etc.) with your business.

Can freelancers use ProZ Pay without using invoicing
The service is integrated with the invoicing system for the convenience of those who use it, but it is not a requirement. Freelancers can request payment, could email a customized ProZ Pay link or insert it into their own invoices, for example.

What do freelancers need to do? will collect payment preferences from language professionals and confirm ability to receive payments. This is done once, for all LSPs, and may be updated by the freelancer.  Want to get started, freelancers can request payment.

When are freelancers paid?
Payments to freelancers are initiated on the agreed upon date, or 72 hours after your payment to has been received.

How can I check the status of payments?
An administrative dashboard shows the status of each payment. also offers personalized service to those using ProZ Pay™.

What methods are used to make the payment to freelancers?
Bank transfers and PayPal are the primary payment methods. The payment method used in each case selected depends on fees and freelancer preference. Personal requests for other payment methods may be accommodated.

How does accept settlement for payments?
Bank transfer, PayPal and more are available to help your business with cash flow. Processing fees will be added to cover the methods chosen. 

Can payments be setup using a spreadsheet?
Yes. A spreadsheet may be uploaded using the CSV form. Personal support is also available.

What fees does charge for this service?
It depends on your agreement with the recipient. If fees are paid by the freelancer, a minimal convenience fee may be added.  When fees are paid by the outsourcer, a service fee of 5% (or 3%, for Business Plus and Enterprise subscribers) is added to the invoice to cover fees for making payments. Please note fees are subject to change.

How does this help freelancers earn more?
Language professionals choose the payment method that is in their best interests based on their personal situation.

Are all professionals eligible for payment via ProZ Pay™?
Payment to professionals in Belarus, Congo (Kinshasa), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast,  Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe is not allowed at this time.

How do I get started?
Setup payments using the ProZ Pay™ tools.  Or,  schedule a time to speak with a staff member.