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Template-ProZ*Pay this weekPayrolls for language companies

By its nature, the language business is global. Because of this, it is typical for a translation company (even a small- or medium-sized one) to pay linguists in a large number of countries on an ongoing basis.

Staying on top of payments takes time and some expertise. Let ProZ*Pay take on the challenges with paying your global workforce. 

Freelancers are happiest when a service works on their behalf to get the most money, fastest, most efficiently possible.

To setup multiple payments, let us know who to pay, when and how much.

There are many ways to get your payment data to ProZ*Pay.

- Email your spreadsheet to and staff will help with the final steps.
- Upload a file through the payment interface
- Integrate your workflow with the ProZ*Pay API (email for more details)

The dedicated ProZ*Pay team handles everything, so put them to work for you. 
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ProZ*Pay screenHave one language professional to pay? 

ProZ*Pay can help pay your most difficult translators. The global financial system is highly complex. Let ProZ*Pay make them happy.

Setup ProZ*Pay payment(s)

Options are available to fund payments in ways convenient for you such as bank transfer, major credit cards, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Wise, cryptocurrency and more. 

A convenience fee is added to the invoice to cover fees for using ProZ*Pay in making payments. Business members pay 2%, and others 5%.

There are also fees for funding payments with credit cards, PayPal, etc.
Fees are subject to change.

global payments

Put the dedicated ProZ*Pay team to work for you 

Once payment instructions are shared, the ProZ*Pay team gets to work on your behalf to pay the linguist. The ProZ*Pay team has made many payments, in many ways, to almost everywhere.

ProZ*Pay is the only service with the objective to work on behalf of the freelancer.

Freelancers are invited to indicate, in their ProZ*Pay settings, their preferred method of receiving payments. (This can be changed as their location or situation changes.)

Payments are issued in the amount and according to the timing indicated in the payer's instructions. Freelancers can request withdrawals each time a payment is received, or they can allow amounts to accumulate before withdrawing.

ProZ*Pay helps with tax documentation (where applicable) and provides personal transparency on all transactions.

For example, an administrative dashboard shows the status of each payment and offers personalized service for request on information.

What do freelancers need to do? 
Freelancers should add payment preferences through their profile to start the ProZ*Pay setup. This is done once, for all payers, and may be updated by the freelancer at any time. Freelancers may also request payment any time through the platform. This sends an email to the payer for easy payment funding. The payment method used in each case selected depends on fees and freelancer preference. 

ProZ*Pay will do everything in its power to make payments when it is safe and legal to do so. Payment to professionals in Belarus, Congo (Kinshasa), Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast,  Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe may not be allowed at this time.

**Please note, if the person you’re sending money to does not fit with any payout options, we’ll refund your money back to the bank account it came from.**

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