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Would you like happier freelancers? Is payment taking too much time?

ProZ*Pay has been built for you. Offer more options, on your terms, and help your freelancers keep more:

  • Fund later* or pay immediately via major credit cards, PayPal
  • Less money lost to fees
  • Freelancer identity,  payability and tax paperwork are handled for you
  • *NEW Are your freelancers interested in getting paid prior to the due date? Business members with a Blue Board over 4.2 are eligible for payment advances. 

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  • Ready to make one payment, now? Setup payments at or click the ProZ*Pay link in their profile.
  • Have many of professionals to pay? Let ProZ*Pay  take care of it all for you. Contact for options to pay many vendors at once. We love to help!
  • Fund payments in ways convenient for you and your team (bank transfer, wires, major credit cards, PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill)

Be sure to note who is responsible for paying the transfer fees. 

When fees are paid by the outsourcer, a convenience fee is added to the invoice to cover fees for making payments. Business members pay 2%, and others 5% to make payments.

Using ProZ*Pay to get paid your way? Professionals may find out more here

What is ProZ*Pay?
A payment service for LSPs 

Who can use ProZ*Pay? 
Any outsourcer can use ProZ*Pay. Credit worthy outsourcers, especially business members with Blue Board ratings of 4.2 or higher are also eligible for adding payments to fund later. 

What is the process for paying?
A  custom payment link is available for profiles at This may be started from a custom link, from the Send payment link in any profile, linked from an invoice or choose any freelancer from

To setup multiple payments, identify the freelancers to be paid and amount payable to each. On submission, will coordinate payment methods with the freelancers and invoice for funding (bank transfer, PayPal, etc.) with your business.

Can payments be setup using a spreadsheet?
Yes. A spreadsheet may be send directly to ProZ*Pay via email or uploaded using the CSV form. Personal support will make this process simple.

What fees does charge for this service?
When fees are paid by the outsourcer, a service fee is added to the invoice to cover fees for making payments. Business members pay 2% and all others 5% for payments. There are also fees for funding payments with credit cards, PayPal, etc. Please note fees are subject to change.

Can freelancers use ProZ*Pay without using invoicing
The service is integrated for one-click payment setup with the invoicing system, but it is not a requirement. 

What do freelancers need to do? 
Freelancers should add payment preferences through their profile to start the ProZ*Pay setup. This is done once, for all LSPs, and may be updated by the freelancer at any time. Freelancers may request payment any time through
the platform. This sends an email to the payer for easy payment funding.

How can I check the status of payments?
An administrative dashboard shows the status of each payment. also offers personalized service for request on information for those using ProZ*Pay.

What methods are used to make the payment to freelancers?
The payment method used in each case selected depends on fees and freelancer preference. Bank transfers, Wise (formerly Transferwise), Payoneer, Skrill and PayPal are the primary payment methods.  Personal requests for other payment methods may be accommodated.

How does this help freelancers earn more?
Language professionals choose the payment method that is in their best interests based on their personal situation and has negotiated best rates with money transfer services.

How are ProZ*Pay payment preferences set up?
Many options are available for adding payment preferences to your profile. Most popular options are PayPal and transfer into your home bank. The My Payment Preferences link from the platform leads to a widget for adding personal payout methods. Those interested in receiving USD from services such as Payoneer and Transferwise should add banking information from those services. Instructions on adding Payoneer as a bank account in another country and Transferwise USD banking information are available, or email for help. Other services may also be available.

Are all professionals eligible for payment via ProZ*Pay?
Payment to professionals in Belarus, Congo (Kinshasa), Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast,  Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Zimbabwe is not allowed at this time.

How do I get started?
Setup payments using the ProZ*Pay tools.  Or,  schedule a time to speak with a staff member.