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Follow these steps to start taking calls with ProZ.com

Interpreting assignments are currently being routed to ProZ.com interpreters through the ProZ.com Pools directory. You will need to activate your profiles on these platforms and upload the required documentation so that you can start receiving on-demand calls. Also remember to complete the HIPAA-compliance test for remote interpreters! 

Create profiles

  • Activate your profile: an invitation has been sent to you to activate your profile, check your inbox (and spam folder). If you can't find the invitation, please request a new one to interpreters@proz.com
  • Submit your application here to activate your Interpreter Pool profile. Remember to sign the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement when submitting your application!
  • Upload a profile picture.

Take the mandatory training

You need to receive training so that you can successfully take calls with ProZ.com partners. The training is available on the EdApp platform. You can create an account on EdApp here https://link.edapp.com/DFFYCOrqDlb.

Please make sure to create the EdApp account directly from the link to make sure that your profile is linked with the ProZ.com instance, so you can see the trainings.

Make sure you complete the following courses:

  • HIPAA-Compliance for Remote Interpreters
  • Using Online Interpreting Platforms
  • Real Work Situations: Conflict Management
  • Real Work Situations: Compliance Issues
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

🎬Watch the following video to answer calls that originate from a client using MS Teams: https://app.screencast.com/yGVBk2s4fbwNB

Upload documentation to profiles

You must upload the following documentation to the profiles you created in the first step. 

  • Copy of any translation or interpretation-related certification.
  • Copy of any reference letters or proof of experience that you may have.
  • Complete the EF SET test here. If you already have any English-language proficiency certificate (like the TOEFL test or similar), you don't need to complete this test. 
    -The EF SET score must be a full C1 English level. Please make sure that the certificate shows a C1 level in both sections (listening and reading section).
    -Please take the 50 minutes standard test, so you are able to download the PDF certificate showing the code and your name on it.
  • Complete the TWILIO network test. Then take a screenshot and upload it to your profile with the rest of the documentation.
  • Upload any other relevant certifications to your profile (for example, if you are an ASL interpreter, you must upload your RID certification).
  • Language proficiency test in all working languages.
  • Native language proficiency certificate.
    -You can take an online test like: the automated Languagestat test or the LTI.
    -You can also upload a university or high school degree, given that it is in your native language (copies or transcription of grades are not accepted). 
    If your native language certificate original document is not written in English, please include an English translation for reference.
  • ID card. You can upload an ID card, passport or driver's license. Any official document with your picture and name.  Please also upload a picture of yourself holding the ID, as indicated in the picture below:

  • 40-hour medical interpreter training (for medical calls only).
  • Upload your updated CV with the dates.

Compliance Policy

Only for Boostlingo calls:
  • Signed copy of the BPIN Code of Conduct (Only for Boostlingo profile/platform). You can sign the Code of Conduct by the end of the document. Download the Code of Conduct here.
  • Watch the following introductory video:


Payment preferences

After you have finished all these steps, contact your ProZ.com Interpreter partner for a test call so that you can start interpreting with ProZ.com. You may also send an email to interpreters@proz.com in case you have any questions or require assistance.


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