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Are you looking for clients? The majority of job offers that go through happen when a potential client searches the directory and contacts service providers that match their job requirements directly through their profiles. This is why having not a good, but a great profile becomes really important. What do you want them to see when they visit your profile? What makes you different from the rest? What is your expertise? What credentials have you earned? Clients are just a mouseclick away. Get ready to welcome them.




Optimize the big three


To have a great profile you should start by focusing on the three main pieces of information that a potential client will see first when visiting your profile page:


icons8-name-100Your photo

icons8-hand-with-pen-100Your name

icons8-membership-card-80 Your tagline

These are the most visible portions of your profile, information that everyone will see even without opening your profile page, that is, in your directory listing, from quotes you submit through the job posting system, in KudoZ, forums, and other areas of the site.  


Profile picture, name, and tagline: why they matter »

Writing an effective tagline » profile taglines »


Become a member


Subscribing to makes good business sense. Why? Because members enjoy the following benefits:


      icons8-checkmark-30Meet new clients at 4 times the rate of non-members.
      icons8-checkmark-30Appear before all non-members in the directory.
      icons8-checkmark-30Outsourcers that post jobs see quotes from members first.
      icons8-checkmark-30Submit quotes to member-only jobs.
      icons8-checkmark-30Unrestricted access to the Blue Board record of outsourcers and profile visits.
      icons8-checkmark-30Exclusive access to content and networking opportunities.
      icons8-checkmark-30Create, send, and track invoices online at

      icons8-checkmark-30And more, much more... 

Freelancer success stories »


Enter a Pool Pools are specialized groups of screened experts who are vetted, organized and made available for job opportunities. Pools makes it easier for potential clients to discover freelance professionals like you who are experts in a given service or field:


 Interpreters »      Pharmaceutical translators »

Literary translators »      Copywriters »

Subtitlers »      Game localizers »      and more! 



Clients are looking for experts - get found! »


Share your WIWOs


Share information about what you are working on to promote the work you do and track your project history over time.


Outsourcers using the directory are able to search translators using the keywords in "What I am working on" postings that have been made public, or even limit their search results to those translators who have used the "What I am working on" service.


Improvements to "What I am working on" »


Get trained's Translator Development Center helps linguists learn skills and earn Continuing Professional Development to demonstrate knowledge and confidence in their abilities.'s training includes e-learning or distance learning courses, videos, webinars and more, all specifically designed for language professionals. 


Take our industry-recognized training courses and keep you skills up-to-date.

   icons8-student-center-48 (1)Business of Translation & Interpreting courses »
   icons8-student-center-48 (1)Software Tools & Computing courses »
   icons8-student-center-48 (1)Translation Project Skills courses »
   icons8-student-center-48 (1)Services & Specialization courses »
   icons8-student-center-48 (1) Video Library  »


Free webinar: Meeting clients at »


Collaborate and stand out


Take part in the community while promoting your expertise, and stand out from the rest:


      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Give and receive terminology help »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Become a mentor »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Become a trainer »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Become a moderator »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Localize »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Share articles »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Participate in forums »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Take part in translation contests »

      icons8-add-user-group-man-man-80Organize powwows » on Facebook » on Instagram »


Display feedback


Unless you are new to the translation industry, you should be able to collect a few feedback comments from clients to display in the upper right corner of your profile and other site areas such as the directory.

Client feedback conveys trust to potential clients (if you are getting started in the industry, don't worry! There are still other ways of conveying trust in the meantime. Learn more ») If you opt to show feedback from previous satisfied clients, you may be better positioned to turn potential new clients into actual ones, to justify above-average rates, to mitigate the need for performing test translations, etc.

Having WWA entries is also one of the search criteria that can be used by potential clients to find freelancers in the directory since this is useful information that outsourcers can use to manage risk when locating new service providers.

Request feedback comments from previous clients and even from colleagues. They don't even need to create an account at to be able to leave entries for you!


Translator feedback statistics »


Define your audience


Your profile is your public face at, it is the first impression that potential clients and colleagues will have of you. When building a professional looking profile, you should think as your profile visitors. You build your profile for them, not for you.


Ask yourself: is it clear from my profile information the services I offer? Are my top fields of expertise shown on top? Do my tagline and bio clearly state what makes me different from the rest? Is the information in my profile written in the language of my potential clients? If the answer to any of these is 'no', the it's time for a profile review.


      icons8-right-arrow-64List your top language pairs first, report specific services and rates »

      icons8-right-arrow-64Organize your fields of expertise, move top ones to the top of the list »

      icons8-right-arrow-64Optimize your profile for search engine ranking »

      icons8-right-arrow-64Localize your bio, your tagline and keywords into your languages »

      icons8-right-arrow-64State if you do volunteer work for non-profit organizations »

      icons8-right-arrow-64Report your credentials and get them verified »


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Set notification preferences


Looking for new clients? Make sure you are notified when they are searching for service providers like you!


Set your job notification references to receive email alerts when outsourcers post jobs in your language pairs, fields, rates and more. You may even choose to be notified of jobs from any client or end customers only. An email notification will be sent to your primary email address if the job criteria matches the information you have reported in your profile.


How to write an effective job quote »


Get ready, get paid


When looking for new clients, it is important that you get ready to do business with them.


Start by familiarizing yourself with Invoicing, a tool that allow you to create, send and track invoices online. Also, set up your payment preferences to receive payments through ProZ*Pay, a payment service that even allows you to get paid before the agreed upon date!



Create, send and track your invoices online »