Improvements to "What I am working on", Project History, keyword directory search

Some recent minor improvements have been made to better connect the What I am working on  feature (WIWO) with the Project History feature in profiles, and to help you better market yourself in your areas of expertise to potential clients and collaborators through both. In relation to these improvements, an adjustment has been made in the Find directory to help clients find you based on the projects you have worked on.

"What I am working on" (WIWO)

You can now:

  • indicate payment and client information in your WIWOs, and keep this information private (default) or make it public if you choose,
  • specify the service type of the project you are entering (tranlsation, interpreting, proofreading, transcreation, etc.),
  • save WIWOs to be displayed in the Project History section of your profile.


By the way, during September the number of What I am working on  entries reached the 50,000 mark.

See what others are working on and add your own projects (member-only feature) »

Project History members can drag and drop their projects to change the order in which they will appear to visitors directly from their profile. This may be useful if you have a long list of projects entered and wish to highlight a few which you feel are particularly representative of your area(s) of expertise.


Add projects to your profile »

Directory searches by term now take into account projects reported

When searching using the Find directory, clients can choose to do a term/keyword search, which will now search through project titles in both WIWOs and Project Histories of members . Entering good, representative titles for your projects will enable clients to more easily find you in these cases.




Topics: marketing for language professionals

Jared Tabor

Written by Jared Tabor

Jared oversees Member services at An ex-language teacher, he has lived and worked in Argentina since 1996. He has been with through the La Plata office since 2007. You can follow him on Twitter, @taboredinc .

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