Profile picture, name, and tagline: why they matter

Looking for a translator within a platform with over a million users can be difficult, and standing out from the crowd can be seen as an impossible task. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your possibilities to meet new clients within that do not take too much time or effort.


If one of your professional objectives at is to meet clients, the first thing you should know is that the main source of client contact is the freelancer directory. This means that the majority of job offers that go through the site happen when a potential client searches the directory and contacts vendors that match their job requirements directly through their profiles. And here is where having not a good, but a great profile becomes really important.


To have a great profile you should start by focusing on the three main pieces of information that a potential client will see first when visiting your profile page --information that is also visible in the directory: your profile photo, your name, and your tagline. These are the most visible portions of your profile, information that everyone will see even without opening your profile page, that is, from quotes you submit through the job posting system, in KudoZ, forums, and other areas of the site.


Photo, name and tagline as seen by profile visitors.Photo, name and tagline as seen by profile visitors.


Photo, name and tagline as seen by directory users.

Photo, name and tagline as seen by directory users.


Photo, name and tagline as seen by job posters in online job quotes.

Photo, name and tagline as seen by job posters in online job quotes.


First, your profile picture

Pick a professional picture, preferably with a plain background, and showing your face. If you are not comfortable showing your face in public, you can always use a picture related to your field of expertise, a professional logo, or even an avatar that represents you or the services you offer. Just keep in mind that this is a professional profile and your photo must reflect that.


To edit your profile picture, go to your profile page and click on the photo. This will load the Profile updater allowing you to upload a new image. 


Second, enter your real name

It is important for outsourcers to know the name of their service providers, so they can build trust and create a more personal connection with the person behind the profile.


To enter your real name --or to choose to show your real name instead of your username-- click on the Profile updater tab on your profile page, and in the Identity section enter your first, middle and last names. Then choose to show it to "Everyone" (or at least to "Outsourcers only") and click on Save and update profile at the bottom of the page to save your preferences.


Last but not least, create an appealing tagline

Think of a tagline that can catch your potential clients' attention. Think of it as if you were writing a brief description of a product. In this case, the product is your service. Try not to use phrases such as “fast and accurate”, or “professional service provider” since these are a given. You should use something more personal instead, a statement that will differentiate you from the rest of your colleagues.


To edit your tagline, just click on the small pencil next to it on your profile page. To localize your tagline into other languages, go to the Tagline(s) section of the Profile updater. members can enter taglines in as many of their profile languages. Need some inspiration? Click here to see other users' taglines by keyword and language.


And if you need more information on how to get the most out of your profile, check this video:

¿Necesitas tips en español para completar tu perfil? Haz clic aquí.


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Hayjor Roca

Written by Hayjor Roca

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