Ace your interpreting exam: Join Corinne McKay’s comprehensive webinar for success

Are you a court, conference, or medical interpreter gearing up for a high-stakes exam? Don't let fear of failure hold you back. Join’s upcoming 150-minute webinar, "Court, conference, or medical: Creating a training plan for any interpreting exam," hosted by Corinne McKay, designed to equip interpreters with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently tackle their exams and, hopefully, pass on the first try!




Corinne McKay is an ATA-certified translator, a court-certified interpreter, and holds a Master of Conference Interpreting from Glendon College. She is also an ATA past president and an author. This webinar stems from her experience preparing for and passing (on the first try!) three sets of high-stakes interpreting exams.

Event details

When? March 26, 2024
What time?
At 16:00 GMT
Online at
Corinne McKay
Who for?
Court, conference, or medical interpreters preparing for an upcoming exam and interpreters in the early stages of considering an exam

Interpreters understand the importance of credentials, with certification being a requirement in many interpreting markets. Unfortunately, many well-qualified individuals stumble during exams due to various reasons. This webinar aims to address common pitfalls and provide a roadmap to success.

The learning objectives and workshop plan include:

- Identifying reasons for interpreter exam failures.
- Understanding the structure and scoring system of different interpreting exams.
- Creating a tailored training plan for court, conference, or medical interpreting exams.
- Determining the amount of practice required to pass a typical interpreting exam.
- Navigating challenging aspects like handling numbers and fast speakers.
- Recognizing potential pitfalls on exam day and avoiding preventable mistakes.

You will not only benefit from the live interaction but will also receive access to a recording of the session for future reference.

Additionally, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance, adding value to your professional portfolio. This certificate can be made visible on your profile and it will be added to your CPD dashboard accordingly.

Continuous professional development holds significant importance., recognizing this, has implemented a user-friendly dashboard designed to assist language professionals in monitoring their ongoing professional growth: This feature can serve as a personal record or be showcased as a means of distinguishing yourself to potential clients and collaborators.  Additionally,'s esteemed paying members are granted the privilege to include certificates of completion where applicable and even request verification of CPD items from's dedicated staff.

Prepare for success, understand the nuances of interpreting exams, and increase your chances of passing with flying colors. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your professional growth.

Happy translating and training!

All the best,


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Gabriela Iacoboni

Written by Gabriela Iacoboni

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