How freelance translators get paid in USD using Wise (formerly Transferwise), PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and more

September 7, 2021 / by Mike Donlin posted in translator, payments, payoneer, PayPal, ProZ*Pay


How freelancers bank without a home

January 13, 2021 / by Mike Donlin posted in freelancer, payments, PayPal, ProZ*Pay


Are you a freelancer constantly on the move? In a world where living as a digital nomad is becoming more and more common, it leaves us wondering how to transition from a traditional lifestyle to one unencumbered by physical boundaries. 

One of the largest concerns is financing; how do freelancers bank without a home? Let's discuss how freelancers can bank while on the move.

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Save hours, unload bulk payments to freelancers to ProZ*Pay

October 23, 2020 / by Mike Donlin posted in freelancer, payments, payoneer, PayPal, ProZ*Pay, LSP


Using freelancers for language jobs can help save time and make LSPs more efficient. Paying freelancers from around the world is not efficient. Imagine if the time to onboard and pay those same freelancers were eliminated.

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How to use PayPal for individual ProZ*Pay payments

July 30, 2019 / by Mike Donlin posted in freelancer, translation company, payments, payoneer, PayPal, ProZ*Pay


Do you find that when you try to pay a freelancer with PayPal, they can't accept it? ProZ*Pay offers you the option to fund your payment with PayPal while the recipient receives payment in the way they prefer.

Funding an individual payment with PayPal can be completed immediately through ProZ*Pay.

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