Explain the difference between a translator and an interpreter

We asked the popular artificial intelligence tool for the answer.

A translator and an interpreter are both language professionals who facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. However, they do so in different ways and in different settings.

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The ProZ.com Translation and Interpreting Podcast


Key Insights from 2022

It's been another great year for the podcast, with a wide range of guests and lots of amazing discussions on translation and interpreting. It really has been an honor to host the show, talk to such fantastic guests and interact with our very supportive listeners.

We're growing as well, with streams up 127% and listeners from 77 countries around the world.

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Words that make a difference

This is the latest in a series charting the development of the embryonic Pro Bono Project, which matches volunteer translators with worthy non-profit causes. Our first “clients” have been environmental agencies, and few could be more urgent and important than the cause of Professor Bill Ripple and his film, the  Scientist’s Warning.

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First pro bono translation delivered!

Shout-out to Anna Tribó who has just delivered the first completed translation under our new Pro Bono Project!
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ProZ.com's Pro Bono Project

All over the world as we speak, good work is being done by volunteers. From aiding refugees to rescuing animals, from teaching underprivileged children to staffing a local charity shop, this quiet work goes on day after day, carried out by unsung heroes. And at times, as in the recent case of Ukraine, we witness mass mobilizations of people power that are truly inspiring. 

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Find your way through the maze at the ProZ.com's annual conference

ProZ.com's 14th annual online conference to celebrate International Translation Day is happening soon. If you have created an account at ProZ.com with the objective of meeting clients, don't miss the session "Finding ways through the maze: how clients and professionals meet at ProZ.com" on September 28th.

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Should you publish rates in your profile?

As a freelancer at ProZ.com, you have the option to include rates. Some do, some do not.

In a previous ProZ.com Facebook group discussion, Andrew Morris suggested that he always preferred not to in the early days when seeking out new clients all the time, because some clients surprise you by offering you more than you’d have naturally stated.

That seems like a simple explanation for one side of the debate.

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Face to Face with Patricia Ferreira

All our lives are marked by milestones which appear clear in only retrospect. Each time we make major decisions or react to unexpected circumstances, we never really know what lies ahead. But looking back, we see how each key event – whether welcome or unwelcome –played a part in making us into the person we are today. A chance meeting, an unplanned travel experience, a divorce, a disease – all emerge along the journey as seemingly random events, and it’s only later that we recognise them as real turning points. That is certainly true of English and French into Italian and Spanish translator Patricia Ferreira, whose life and travels have taken her far from home, given her a varied career in languages, and culminated in an inspiring triumph over adversity.

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Email me, call me, text me

The ability to establish real-time communication at the click of a button -- by text, voice or video -- is having a significant impact on business in general, and on the translation industry in particular. Meanwhile, translation companies are under pressure to complete translation projects more quickly. Given these factors, being able to make yourself readily available to a project manager in a time of need is a significant competitive differentiator.

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Face to Face with Mario Freitas

Many translators speak of how their final career choice was somehow the result of an action or decision by one or both of their parents, but few trace the journey back two generations to a grandparent. However, that’s exactly the case with long-term ProZ member Mario Freitas, whose grandfather – even though he wasn’t a career diplomat – served as Brazilian ambassador to El Salvador, Honduras, and Lebanon. It was in Beirut that Mario’s parents met – his father was of course Brazilian, and his mother Lebanese – and it was precisely because of that cosmopolitan experience that his father later placed Mario in an American school in their hometown of Belo Horizonte.

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Face to Face with Elisabeth Fuchs

While some translators had jet-setting parents who carted their kids with them across the globe, complete with international schooling, and others grew up amid several languages, surrounded by grandmothers or uncles muttering away in exotic tongues, Élisabeth Fuchs begins her interview by saying “My background’s not very interesting.” Ah, but appearances deceive. It may be true that she has lived her entire life in a 200-km radius, and that the most adventurous move was from Lorraine, in the northeast of France, to Alsace in the…er…northeast of France, when she was still a young child. But when you zoom in and look at the detail, every human story, every background, has its fascination, and Élisabeth’s is no exception.

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Face to Face with Tvrtko Štuka

Imagine growing up in one country and enjoying your late adolescence and adult life in another – but without ever leaving your home town. Such was the experience of Tvrtko Štuka, who was born in Zagreb, in what was then Yugoslavia, although the city is now of course the capital of Croatia.

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One post, dozens of vendors, quick quotes management

Any business or individual can outsource via ProZ.com using any of these two methods:  job postings and the directory.

The directory allows outsourcers to search over 1 million linguists with over 20 search criteria, and contact them directly through their profiles. The directory represents the primary means that outsourcers use to find translators and interpreters at ProZ.com.

Job postings, on the other hand, allow outsourcers to share an offer and receive quotes from suitable language professionals. 

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Face to Face with Stefan Paloka

Just close your eyes for a few seconds and type a sentence or two at your keyboard. Then open them and see how you got on. If you’re a touch typist, chances are you didn’t do too badly, but nevertheless you’re keen to check – a task for which you use your vision of course. Now imagine operating “in the dark” throughout your professional career, typing sentence after sentence, translation after translation, without ever being able to see the page, and without using any kind of speech-to-text software. The trick? Well, on your keyboard, there are tiny key bumps on the F and J keys, as well as on the number 5 on your numerical keypad. Perhaps you’ve never stopped to give them much thought. But for a blind person, they are essential, and orientate the fingers around the entire keyboard.

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Stefan Paloka.

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Language pairs on your profile are start to freelancer success

The language pair is a combination of a source and a target language, for describing a translation. At ProZ.com, language pairs are essential to the site's operation as a the world's largest community of freelance language professionals. Be sure yours are appearing as expected.
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