Crowdin introduces apps to search terms, post jobs, hire and pay freelancers via

Crowdin, a cloud-based localization management solution that speeds up and automates localization, has integrated with the API and added three new apps to its store that can enhance the experience of its users. Managers and translators can benefit from these additions to search multiple glossaries, hire freelancers, and make payments. 

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Welcome new year, new members, new clients!

A new year is getting started, and so are some of our new site members.  At, there are members who are starting out, also some who have been in the profession for a while, and even many who have a steady list of clients. What do they all have in common? They have invested in their businesses through membership as a smart strategy to be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings. So, congratulations for such a smart move, members, and welcome!

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See what happened at in 2021

Year 2021 is almost over and the site team would like to thank you for spending it with us!

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Does word of mouth work for you as a freelancer?

As a freelancer, you might be wondering if word of mouth works for you. Most freelancers are entirely remote, isolated from the coming and goings of the average business, which means that it's less likely that they will get word-of-mouth conversion clients. But is that true? Not at all! Here are some ideas of how to get word of mouth business.

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Strategies for raising your freelancing rates due to inflation

It can be uncomfortable to talk about money when it comes to raising your rates, and freelancers may fear scaring your hard-earned clients off. Unfortunately, inflation is something to include in your business model because it affects daily business and living costs. 

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What is the ground floor in your career?

Note: The following post appears in the Translators & Interpreters facebook group from the group admin Andrew Morris.

Look around any major world city and you’ll see plenty of high-rise buildings, of varying shapes and sizes. But however hard you look, you’re unlikely to spot a single building that has no ground floor – an edifice that just hovers in the sky.
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Commenting in forums brings attention to your profile

For years,'s translation industry forums have been a place for open discussion on topics related to translation, interpreting and localization. The topics are always an interesting read, they are often entertaining, worthy of hours of your time for education, and an opportunity to engage with the world's largest community of language professionals.

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A web widget is an independent application that can be embedded into a web-page, blog, or profile on a social media site and that will enable the display of information (your client feedback) or the call for an action ("Follow me").

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8 freelancer profile photo tips

If you are a freelancer, you must choose a freelancer profile photo. It is a big decision to make as it is one of the primary draws to your freelancer profile. Your photo must inspire trust and professionalism to entice high-quality clients.

Here are 8 freelancer profile photo tips to help you make the right photo choice.

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Strategies to stand out on freelancer websites

There are millions of freelancers out there, and over 1 million registered at, likely with thousands within your language pairs; how can you compete? One of the top methods successful freelancers use to create a viable business is by creating a standout profile on freelancer websites. 

How do they do this? Here are some strategies for standing out from the crowd.

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Get these 3 friends to review your professional profile

How much time have you spent improving your profile? Being critical of yourself it not easy for everyone. Do you need help? Get 3 friends to review your profile, but choose 3 different kinds of friends to review your profile to get more results. Find a friend in the language industry, a friend who hires people in any line of work, and a friend who loves you no matter what.

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Goodbye 2020! See top 10 blog posts this year

Of the 150 blog posts written by site staff in 2020, it is only fitting that a blog post about the disease that defined 2020, COVID-19, topped the list of most read blog posts. Other popular posts included those about how to position yourself for jobs, ways to improve profiles, explanations of some site features and the most popular from the translation postcard series.

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How skill stacking can help you provide complete service to clients [video]

In the recent International Translation Day event at, Daniel Coria took part in a "How to get more clients" panel (along with Martina Russo and Stephen Rifkind). One concept that Coria mentioned, that of "skill stacking", definitely struck a chord with Head of Training Paul Urwin.

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Translator and globetrotter: Elena Romero

The first thing that strikes you about Elena Romero is how relaxed she is. Not to mention her easy-going and fluent English. Surely it can’t all be because she spent two years in London in her early 20s? But dig a little deeper and you see why: Elena spends her life travelling, much of it in English. Having left the narrow confines of her small town in the Canaries (ironically enough, a destination coveted by most of the world), she has roamed extensively – in Europe and SE Asia in particular, and counts Bali among her favourite places of all.

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Portrait of an Entrepreneur: Yassine El Bouknify in Morocco

Ask Yassine El Bouknify what he enjoys about being a freelance translator and he responds without hesitation: the chance to work with other professionals and clients; the mobility bundled up with the job, and the ability to choose who he works for. In short, being his own boss. Just two years into his career, he’s obviously understood what makes freelance life tick. 

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