International Translation Day 2020 event includes new networking activities

September 23, 2020 / by Mike Donlin posted in freelancer, training, conference, networking, CAT tools, ProZTV, SDL

0 Comments celebrates International Translation Day with two full days of online sessions, panel discussions, live Q&As, live chat, and more! For the first time, International Translation Day will include remote networking sessions to meet colleagues and peers from your home right after the conference is over.

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Translation Postcards: Joao Correia in Coimbra, Portugal

September 21, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, translator, translation postcards


To the Romans it was known as Aeminium, while the Moors called it Qulumriyah, but today we know it as Coimbra, a city with a history that dates back over 2,300 years. Beyond its varied names, the city is home to some fascinating secrets. Officially, it’s still the Portuguese capital, although most Portuguese are unaware of this – and was the birthplace of the country’s first six kings. And slightly closer to home, the traditional garb worn by its university undergraduates inspired the dress of students at J. K. Rowling’s Hogwarts.

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Translation Postcards: Joseph Kuria in Nairobi, Kenya

September 14, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, translator, translation postcards


Close your eyes and think of Kenya. Chances are the first things that come to mind are majestic wildlife and famed long-distance runners. But there’s a lot more to the country than these easy clichés, and where better than Nairobi to start finding out…

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One Minute T&I available in Facebook group Translators & Interpreters (

August 18, 2020 / by Paul M Urwin posted in freelancer, translator, interpreter, training, translator tools, clients, facebook, One Minute T&I

1 Comment head of training Paul Urwin has created a series of episodes to discuss topics for translators and interpreters. The episodes will appear as part of the Facebook group Translators & Interpreters ( The audio recording is very short (hence the name!), with the idea that it leads straight into a discussion in the comments. Transcripts from the first two episodes are included here.

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Translator and globetrotter: Elena Romero

August 17, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, language jobs, freelancer, profile, translator, interpreter

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The first thing that strikes you about Elena Romero is how relaxed she is. Not to mention her easy-going and fluent English. Surely it can’t all be because she spent two years in London in her early 20s? But dig a little deeper and you see why: Elena spends her life travelling, much of it in English. Having left the narrow confines of her small town in the Canaries (ironically enough, a destination coveted by most of the world), she has roamed extensively – in Europe and SE Asia in particular, and counts Bali among her favourite places of all.

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Portrait of an Entrepreneur: Yassine El Bouknify in Morocco

August 10, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, language jobs, freelancer, profile, translator, interpreter


Ask Yassine El Bouknify what he enjoys about being a freelance translator and he responds without hesitation: the chance to work with other professionals and clients; the mobility bundled up with the job, and the ability to choose who he works for. In short, being his own boss. Just two years into his career, he’s obviously understood what makes freelance life tick. 

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Translation Postcards: Sara Arilla in Zaragoza, Spain

July 27, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, translator, translation postcards


Let’s begin with a fun fact: “Zaragoza” is actually a Hispanicisation of “Caesaraugusta”, the city’s Roman name. The city, capital of Aragon in Spain’s north-eastern region, boasts a rich history that stretches back to pre-Roman times, and fascinating sights from the Roman, Moorish and Christian periods, from amphitheatre to the Aljafería Palace to an impressive cathedral and of course the “El Pilar” basilica (see cover picture), which dominates the central square.

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Translation Postcards: Ady Namaran Coulibaly in Accra, Ghana

July 20, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, translator, translation postcards


Akwaaba! That’s how you say “Welcome” in Twi, the most widely spoken local language in Ghana. Although indigenous to the Ga Tribe, massive urban migration has led to the majority of people using Twi for day-to-day activities. Akwaaba is therefore likely to be the first word you hear on landing at Kotaka International Airport in Accra. Welcome, in fact to the country popularly known as the Gateway to Africa – a hospitable, culturally diverse nation with a fast-growing economy.

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Translation Postcards: Clair Pickworth in Rémalard-en-Perche, France

July 13, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, translator, translation postcards

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Ever thought of slowing things right down? You wouldn’t be the first. Slow food is all the rage in the world’s foodie community, but why restrict yourself to the dining table? There are places where life itself proceeds at a gentle pace, enabling you to smell the coffee, the roses, and sundry other countryside aromas besides!

Read More and MCIS Language Solutions join forces in online training initiative

July 7, 2020 / by Mike Donlin posted in freelancer, freelancer, training, training, MCIS

6 Comments and MCIS Language Solutions have teamed up for online training. Details on the new initiative are available in the press release that appeared on Slator below and as part of an online forum 9am EST / 2pm UK / 3pm Europe at
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Translation Postcards: Lovenah Panray in Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius

July 6, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, translator, translation postcards


Shall we begin with a little geography and history lesson? Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 km off the south-east coast of Africa (see map on following page). First identified by Arab sailors in 975, it was named “Dina Arobi”. The Dutch took possession of the territory for over a century in 1598, then abandoned it in 1710. The French took control in 1715 and named it Isle de France, but then officially ceded it to Great Britain in 1814, who held it until Independence in 1968.

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Translation Postcards: Lina Berova in Munich, Germany

June 29, 2020 / by Andrew Morris posted in freelancer, translator, translation postcards


For someone who loves a combination of city life and natural beauty, Munich is perhaps the perfect place. But that wasn’t the impression Lina Berova first had of the city. Having moved aged 14 with her family to the town of Doebeln in Saxony, she visited Munich in 1998 to see her grandparents, who were already living there. She found it dark, cold and unfriendly…

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Watch the #LocNowAndFuture recordings on

June 24, 2020 / by Rocío Tempone posted in video, freelancer, translation company, translation events, conference, networking, translation, translation industry, language industry, COVID-19, translation agency

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On June 15, hosted the first #LocNowAndFuture, a virtual event centered around the changes COVID-19 has brought and the challenges that will arise in the localization sector in this “new normal”.


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Video: membership benefits

June 18, 2020 / by Mike Donlin posted in video, freelancer, profile, directory, membership, translator tools, networking, membership, online presentation


Professional membership puts to work for you as a marketing tool that helps freelancers connect with outsourcers - even when you are not working.

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How to create a great professional profile and why it matters

June 10, 2020 / by Mariano Marchesini posted in freelancer, profile, professional development, directory, infographic, marketing for language professionals,, SEO, online presentation

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As a freelancer looking for opportunities on, your professional profile is your most important tool —but you may not know it yet! Here are some ideas to take your profile from good to great, and attract clients' attention at a higher rate.

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