Translators connecting with clients for long term relationships and no commissions's unique membership model means that when outsourcers and service providers connect via, neither side is charged any commissions or fees. When a translator, interpreter, subtitler or transcriber meets a client or provider, the relationship is yours, unencumbered, forever.

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Welcome new year, new members, new clients!

A new year is getting started, and so are some of our new site members.  At, there are members who are starting out, also some who have been in the profession for a while, and even many who have a steady list of clients. What do they all have in common? They have invested in their businesses through membership as a smart strategy to be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings. So, congratulations for such a smart move, members, and welcome!

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Meet the companies participating in the Job Fair - Part 3

With the virtual fair on December 30 at 12 PM GMT fast approaching, it's time to meet more businesses and read what advice they can give to freelancers when approaching a translation agency for collaboration. 

Don't forget to register for the fair »

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Meet the companies participating in the Job Fair - Part 2


What better way to prepare for the virtual fair on December 30 at 12 PM GMT than by meeting more businesses and learning about their advice for freelancers who'd like to cooperate with them?

Kick off your shoes for a couple of minutes and dive right in! Don't forget to register for the fair »

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Meet the companies participating in the Job Fair - Part 1

This December 30 at 12 PM GMT, will be having its first virtual job fair, where Plus subscribers will be able to network with over 25 businesses' representatives and give them their CV or profile links. 

As a way to prepare for the job fair, we asked some of them about their mission and some DO's and DON'Ts  for freelancers when applying to projects. Keep on reading for their answers!

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Localization Event - Multilingual Synthetic Content powered by AI

This is a guest post from one of's advertising partners, Locdoc.

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The Findings from the Translation Technology Insights 2020 survey and its implications for the industry

This is a guest post from one of's advertising partners, RWS Group.

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7 questions from the first Video Game Localization Meetup answered

Last year, launched a new service called Meetups for members to engage in online networking during this new normal where networking in person became nearly impossible. 

This year, teamed up with Terra Localizations to bring you a series of Meetups about game localization. Divided in six levels, the first one —open to members and non-members took place on June 24.

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Are you new to the translation industry? Would you like to work as a translator, but you are unsure about how to get started? Do you have questions about, the platform, the community, the tools available? Then this post is for you. Just keep the following in mind, and you'll find your way in the translation workplace in no time:


« is different than what you may be expecting »


The following questions and answers will show you why.

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Language Watch 13: Thanks to the Translation Commons team

Just a short word of thanks today to the team from Translation Commons who helped me enormously with the research for the 12-part “Language Watch” series.*
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Language Watch 12: Romani

Persecution: enslavement, forced assimilation, segregation, genocide perpetrated by Nazi Germany during World War II, and other human rights violations  – the history, both ancient and modern, of the Roma of East-Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, is a litany of suffering.

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Language Watch 11: Chipewyan in Canada

In this week’s Language Watch, we head for the first time to Canada, and the indigenous peoples known collectively as the First Nations. We zoom in on the northern boreal and Arctic regions and on the Dene people, who speak a group of languages that are described as Northern Athabaskan.

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Guest post: Translated presents 'Lara', a short film about the wonder of language

Translating means allowing everyone to understand the world and to be understood. A real gift that people working into the localization industry offer every day to everyone who needs to communicate or understand a message in another language.

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Language Watch 10: FinSSL, DSL and APSL Sign Languages

The world’s deaf communities have long suffered from discrimination. Aristotle himself deemed the deaf unteachable, paving the way for centuries of prejudice. It was not until the 16th century that Italian physician Girolamo Cardano proclaimed that the deaf-mute people could “hear by reading and speak by writing”.

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Language Watch 9: Yolŋu Matha, Australia

Take a look at the video below and within seconds you’ll realise where we’re headed in this week’s Language Watch. So far in our series, we’ve travelled to Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe, shining a spotlight each time on minority and endangered languages throughout the world. Now for the first time, we’re in Oceania, in Australia’s Northern Territory to be precise, and the world of the Yolŋu Aboriginal people.

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