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Tomorrow, Tuesday April 16th, will host a new workshop called Breaking the Als: hands-on prompting for translators, an opportunity to learn the basics of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude and so on, for immediate application in your translation projects. The workshop is another in a series of learning on various topics which are exclusive and free to Plus or Premium subscribers, and cannot be purchased separately. And yes, the recording of this workshop will be made available afterwards in case you are unable to attend!

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Shaping the Future:'s Mentoring Program 2.0

Hello, vibrant community! I’m Tanya Quintieri, and I’m thrilled to be leading the Mentoring Program 2.0. My journey in the ever-evolving and never-dull language industry started in 2002 as a freelance translator, working with direct clients exclusively. At the time, I didn’t know translation agencies existed, and to this day, the agencies I work with are few and far between.

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The Power of CAT Tools

Are you a new translator or someone returning to the profession after a long time? Welcome! In this rapidly evolving industry, keeping abreast of the latest tools and technologies is crucial to thrive in the translation journey. One such indispensable tool is computer-assisted translation (CAT) software. 

In this blog post, we will explore the importance and advantages of CAT tools for translators. Let's embark on a journey that will equip you with the essential knowledge to navigate the translation landscape with confidence.

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Develop your skills to find new direct clients


As a translator, finding direct clients is crucial for your professional growth and success. While there are various avenues to explore, it's important to have a clear strategy in place to connect with the right clients directly. In this blog post, we will outline five essential steps that will help you navigate the process of finding direct clients in 2023 and delve deeper into the first step.

The five steps

✓ Find out who your ideal client is
✓ Know what your ideal clients need
✓ Help them know what your brand is all about
✓ Decide where to look for clients
✓ Pick 2 to 3 marketing mediums and tactics you enjoy using

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Keep track of (and showcase) your continuing professional development using

Dear members,

It is now possible to report and track all of your continuing professional development (CPD) activity through your account. You can keep it as a register just for yourself, or display it as another way to differentiate yourself to potential clients and collaborators. Paying members also have the ability to add certificates of completion where relevant, and request verification of CPD items from staff.

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156 hours of continuing professional development for language professionals, free with the Plus subscription

Dear members,

Last year, 26 hours of interpreter training were added to the basket of goods, services, tools and other resources available with Plus membership.

New courses have been added to this part of the package, representing 130 more hours of training that you can take for free if you have a Plus subscription.

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The people behind Kodi Dotterer

It's time for another in our series of posts introducing you to the people behind
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The 2nd Pro Bono Newsletter: all the latest from the project...

26 hours of interpreter training added to Plus membership

26 hours of interpreter training has been added to the basket of goods, services and resources available with the Plus membership subscription.

As discussed in this year's language services industry report, many interpreters are getting involved in translation. And even more translators are getting involved in interpreting.

In 2017, began, through its partnerships, providing direct paid work for those in the remote interpreting world. Support, project management, and payments are handled by the team in order to facilitate this work and to keep up the quality and consistency of the service provided. In 2022, the average earning from this single channel of work was 2,791 USD among those interpreters who were working. The team intends to increase that average while increasing the incoming work and the number of interpreters who are getting work.

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International Translation Day 2022 live video event features 34 free presentations and 2 members-only networking events

Join the community in celebrating International Translation Day with two full days of online sessions, panel discussions, live interactions and more. Each day, the events will include a remote networking session in the final hour.

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Last campaign prize drawing: these are the winners

The 2021 year-end membership campaign, Stay safe, ended last week. (What? You missed it? Send me a line and we'll figure something out). After three full weeks of intense work, sixteen staff members involved, and great conversations with new and returning members, the largest community of language professionals just got bigger. Thank you, members, once again for your support!

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Another fantastic virtual event, dedicated to celebrating 2021’s edition of Giving Tuesday Day at, took place from November 30th- December 2nd. It featured over 7 hours of free content, a networking session, and giveaways.

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The answers ranged from “None whatsoever” to “I would not be able to function without it”. But what was the question? 

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Join for International Translation Day virtual event. celebrates International Translation Day with two full days of online sessions, panel discussions, live Q&As, live chat, and more.

Join this free virtual event at 10:00 AM GMT on September 29  and 30 to enjoy:

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Why are CAT tools so important? Podcast with Ulrike Michiels

Ulrike Michiels, Trados savvy professional trainer, joins Paul Urwin, the Head of Training, to discuss CAT tool basics. Ulrike explains what a CAT tool is and how using a CAT tool can help a translator to increase speed and improve consistency. She also explains what's included in the upcoming Trados workshop.

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