"Bon voyage: stories about travel"—let's meet the winners!


Hi there,

Over the last few weeks, ProZ.com held a new translation contest, "Bon voyage: stories about travel" with three different source texts in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 

Now, here are the winners for the following language pairs: 


And since the following language pairs did not receive enough votes to determine a winner, they have been placed in feedback mode. You can read and discuss the translations submitted in these language pairs:

Portuguese (EU) to French»

Portuguese (EU) to Russian»

English to Haitian-Creole»

English to Amharic»

English to Dutch»

English to Greek»

English to Hebrew»

English to Serbo-Croat»

English to Tamil»

Spanish to German»

Spanish to Hungarian»

Spanish to Romanian»

Portuguese (EU) to Arabic»

Portuguese (EU) to English»

English to Armenian»

English to Belarusian»

English to Burmese»

English to Czech»

English to Danish»

English to Gujarati»

English to Lithuanian»

English to Maltese»

English to Slovak»

English to Thai»

English to Urdu»

Spanish to Serbian»

Spanish to Dutch»

Spanish to Maltese»

Portuguese (EU) to German»

Portuguese (EU) to Greek»

Portuguese (EU) to Hungarian»

English to Ukrainian»

Spanish to Portuguese (EU)»

English to Serbian»

English to German»

Spanish to Italian»

English to Korean»

Spanish to French»

English to Chinese»

English to Persian (Farsi)»

Spanish to Portuguese (BR)»

English to Vietnamese»

English to Croatian»

English to Portuguese (BR)»

Spanish to Russian»

English to Albanian»

English to Hungarian»

Spanish to Polish»

English to Bengali»

English to Malay»

English to Somali»

English to Swedish»

Spanish to Catalan»

Portuguese (EU) to Portuguese (BR)»

English to Marathi»

English to Turkish»

Spanish to Arabic»

Spanish to Greek»

Portuguese (EU) to Spanish»

Portuguese (EU) to Italian»

English to Mongolian»

Spanish to Croatian»

Portuguese (EU) to Romanian»


Thanks to all those who participated!

Stay update with contest news here » 

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Julieta Llamazares

Written by Julieta Llamazares

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