Meet the winners of the latest  translation contests


Hi there, translation contests "The comic life of a translator" and "Ploughing mountainsides" have finished, and winners have been selected in the following language pairs:

The comic life of a translator:

English to French: Sébastien Cano
English to Spanish: Marina Ilari
English to Italian: Nicoletta Aresca
English to German: Michaela Pschierer-Barnfather
English to Arabic: Marcelle Nassif
English to Russian: Sergei Krotov
English to Polish: Mariusz Jagodziński
English to Greek: Nick Lingris
English to Japanese: Takafumi Miyauchi
English to Czech: Jana Adamkova
English to Bulgarian: Persiana Pastuhova
English to Portuguese (EU): Nadia Morais
English to Romanian: Aurelia Popa
English to Turkish: Giray Türkmen
English to Hungarian: Eniko Kocsisne Koncz
English to Finnish: Niina Lahokoski
English to Croatian: Katarina Frgačić
English to Danish: Morten Kristensen


Ploughing mountainsides:

English to Croatian: Sanja Lang
English to Spanish: Ibon Errazquin
English to Russian: Ekaterina Veremyanina
English to Arabic: Muhammad Hosny
English to Portuguese (EU): Nuno Couto
English to Turkish: Eser Perkins
English to Portuguese (BR): Cássio Gabriel
English to Finnish: Hanna Nelimarkka
English to Hungarian: Tamas Elek
English to Indonesian: Ludi Ludi



Language pairs which did not receive enough votes to select a winner
are now available to discuss and provide feedback:

  • View entries on "The comic life of a translator" here »
  • View entries on "Ploughing mountainsides" here » 

Thanks to all those who participated, rated and voted entries. 


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Written by Julieta Llamazares

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