Add a new member at a Powwow and dinner is on founder Henry Dotterer’s cousin Mike Dotterer has been heckling us in the Syracuse, NY headquarters about the sharing economy. He is sure that members will help bring more members in 2018. He challenged us to think of a way in which members could be rewarded for sharing.

The first idea that came to mind for us has to do with powwows.


Once in a while, at a powwow, someone who has used the site but has never been a member decides they would like to join. If there is a local payment representative at the powwow (there are a network of them around the world), the membership payment can be made right there. Payment can be made in the local currency, and as an additional plus, there is normally a discount from the regular rate. Membership gets credited when the local payment rep reports that payment has been made. Payment reps periodically forward payment received in this way to


The sharing idea that came to us relates to this situation. We had an idea that we thought could bring a little extra merriment to your next powwow.


Instead of sending the money from membership payments to, for the first quarter of this year, we thought we would authorize the local payment reps to spend the money on the dinner that was shared.

This means that if ten people get together for dinner and one of them decides to become a member, the payment made for membership will not go to, but will instead go the cost of the meal. 

Get it?

The conditions are:

  • at least 10 people need to be at the Powwow
  • The deal applies only to first-time members
  • The deal applies only to the "Plus" service package
  • A photo from the event must be uploadedto the powwow page

The regular price of USD $180 is to be discounted to the local currency equivalent of USD $150. SO not only do you get a free meal (and drinks?), you also get discounted membership.

This will be available through April 1, 2018. Please drop me a line if you want to take advantage of this promotion. Then we can tell Michael it worked. :)

See the list of Powwows or organize one in your area

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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