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I was just so excited about winning that I couldn't wait to display the winner’s ribbon and the certificate on my profile page!

Adele Oliveri
How to stand out as a professional through translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. organizes translation contests regularly as a service to its members, providing them with an opportunity to have fun and a chance to hone translation skills through intensive interaction and friendly competition among colleagues. Besides, they offer a high profile means of recognizing and celebrating highly-talented translators.

Source texts are selected in a number of languages around a designated theme (ex. "sports", "children"). Contestants may translate any of the source texts into any language and later winners are selected by peers and recognized in their profiles with a blue badge to get more client visibility. They also get certificates and prizes. is finishing its 32nd translation contest entitled "Movie night" with over 400 entries in 81 language pairs! Everyone is invited to join the award ceremony for the winners of the latest contest next March 26th at 1:00 PM GMT and learn more about the benefits of participating in translation contests and other strategies to enhance your professional online presence at and elsewhere.

Register for this free event here!

More about translation contests? Click here. 

Looking forward to seeing your name among event attendees, or contest winners!


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