Giving Tuesday 2023

Join the virtual conference Giving Tuesday on November 30th at 13:00 
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AI: How can we use it to our benefit (as freelancers)?

Contest: Submissions open for the new translation contest "Movie Night"

Translation and transcreation from Chinese into Italian of video games: challenges and successful strategies


Explore the fusion of cultures: Join the online workshop on translating video games from Chinese into Italian! Dive into the intricacies of language adaptation, cultural nuances, and the art of preserving gaming experiences across borders. Uncover the secrets behind bringing Chinese gaming magic to an Italian audience. 

Event Details:

When? November 14
What time? At 13:00 GMT 
Where? Online at,

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Contest: Congratulations winners in "A translator's life"

CAT tools in 2023: part six

The next wave, already upon us: Artificial intelligence

In 2023, the scramble is on to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) wherever possible. Machine translation (MT) options have already made their way into many or most CAT tools, as advances in MT and translator adoption of its benefits increase. But with the sudden popularization of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, and others, AI may have already come to a CAT tool you own too, and if it has not, it most likely will soon.


Some people have asked, “What’s the fuss?” or “What’s the rush?”


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PhraseExpress and AutoHotKey: make your daily work easier with these automation tools

The team recently attended the 1st International Congress of Translation and Interpretation hosted by the Public Translators and Interpreters College of the Province of Buenos Aires (CTPIPBA). This groundbreaking event in La Plata brought together translators and interpreters from all generations, providing an invaluable platform for learning and networking.

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A Client's Guide: How to Vet Freelancers to Ensure Reliability

Hiring a trustworthy and qualified language professional is crucial for the success of your project; but evaluating the reliability of an online freelancer can seem like an impossible task the first time you set out to hire a linguist through the Internet.

Here are six key steps to ensure you find the right candidate:

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Contest: extension of finals phase. Vote now!

Contest: Vote now! The Contest closes in two days.

CAT tools in 2023: part five

Translator recommendations

Just to make sure the reader of this report would not be steered wrong about which CAT tools come most recommended, translators were asked which tool they would recommend to someone who is looking for their first CAT tool. The top ten here are the same as the top ten favorite CAT tools, as you may have guessed.

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CAT tools in 2023: part four

Tell a friend...

If you are looking for a new CAT tool, having a wider array of options to choose from can be great, but it can also make the decision process more confusing, too. If you are searching for your first CAT tool, feedback from fellow translators on what they use and why is the first thing you might seek out (and is probably why you are reading this, if you are in that situation). But how did those translators giving you recommendations choose their primary CAT tool?

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Contest: Vote for the best translations (Finals phase)

The transformative leap: exploring tradition and innovation at the ITD 2023 ProZ/TV event (September 28-29)


We are thrilled to invite you to the upcoming ITD 2023 ProZ/TV Event, hosted exclusively on This event promises to be an engaging and enlightening experience for anyone involved in the world of translation, interpreting, dubbing and localization.

Event Details:

When? From September 28 to September 29
What time? From 13:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT
Where? Online at

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CAT tools in 2023: part three

Ten years on... comparisons with the 2013 report

The big players in CAT tools in 2013 are still with us in 2023, but in some cases you will see that popularity and use have changed. MemoQ has moved from third into second position as the most reported CAT tool, for example. Tools such as XTM, MetaTexis, and Wordbee made interesting jumps in the percentages of translators reporting using them. And Memsource, which was relatively very new to the game in 2013, has moved up most notably since then, going on to occupy third place as the most widely-reported CAT tool.

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