Meet some of our extraordinary speakers for the International Translation Day 2024

As the day comes, the team is thrilled to introduce some of the incredible speakers who will be joining us for our annual ProZ/TV event in celebration of International Translation Day 2024. These industry leaders are just a few of the many amazing professionals who will be sharing their insights and expertise. You may know some of them from past workshops or TV events as well.

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Bad Data, Good Insights

Translators and Executives Need to Talk.

Last week, Bureau Works published some serious data about our context-sensitive translation technology. It was a rigorous study that evaluated over 4 million translated segments. Our engineering team works closely with our data scientists to produce good data that will be helpful in advancing our industry. They are scientists through and through, dissecting the data we collect for deep and nuanced insights.

I, on the other hand, am more of a data backhoe. I roll into a mine of potential information, scoop out a rough chunk, and see what I find inside. I do this by asking questions on LinkedIn. They are opinion questions, but opinions and emotions are their own type of data. They are data on where we are as a community, and they tell us what we need to develop in the relational part of the localization business.

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MTPE Is Dead

And Bureau Works Killed It.

MTPE died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don't know. I got a report from the data team: "MTPE deceased. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours." That doesn't mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday.

I had good fun writing that intro out, and kudos to anyone who catches my very forced reference, but today I am sitting down to write about something less literary and existentialist than the opening would have you believe (the reference is to Camus’s “The Stranger”).

I came to write about cold, hard data, and the pretty amazing things we have found at Bureau Works. My intro may have been thematically irrelevant, but the claim is exactly what I will be explaining here- MTPE is dead and Bureau Works killed it.

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Highlights from Language Talks, S01E01: Insights from top localization managers

Left to right: Tanya Quintieri, Greta Craxi, Cintia Kanowitz

Discover key takeaways from Language Talks, featuring top localization managers Greta Craxi and Cintia Kanowitz on managing freelancers, ensuring quality, and the role of AI in localization. Watch the recording for free for 48 hours after the event!

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English Can’t Ask This Question

What is the “purpose” of a translator?

The English word “purpose” is foggy and imprecise. If I ask “What is the purpose of a translator?” I could be asking many different questions at one time. I could be asking “What role does the translator fill?” or “Why do they fill it?” I could be asking what purpose they are fulfilling for themselves, or what purpose they are fulfilling for someone else. It is a word that needs the support of other words to be understood.

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Six Months into Pastey™: User Feedback and Exciting New Features

We are thrilled to reintroduce you to Pastey™, your smart translation companion, which has received numerous exciting updates since its initial launch to our Premium members on January 26, 2024. We are committed to continuously improving your experience with Pastey™, and we are excited to share these enhancements with you.

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Language Talks welcomes second guest: Cintia Kanowitz from BOLD Ltd.

On June 27, we are hosting the inaugural event of the new series Language Talks. This insightful event will explore the challenges and best practices of managing localization projects, with a special focus on working with freelance translators.

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Language Talks welcomes first guest: Greta Craxi from Index Exchange

On June 27, we are hosting the inaugural event of the new series Language Talks. This insightful event will explore the challenges and best practices of managing localization projects, with a special focus on working with freelance translators.

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A Hostage Situation or Driver’s Ed?

Innovating tech is easy. Innovating society is hard. That’s what is going on in our industry right now.

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Success story: Lorena H Borges, English to Portuguese (BR)

Lorena H Borges is an English to Portuguese (BR) translator specializing in IT, based in Brazil. She is also a member of the Certified PRO Network.


You can read Lorena's Success Story here.

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Featured Premium freelancer website: Paula Greyling, English - French/Spanish

Paula Greyling is an interpreter, translator, and transcreator working in English to French and Spanish, based in the UK. She is a member of the Certified PRO Network, and has been a member since 2004. She's also done some work with the Pro bono program!

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AI Hurts the Ego

But it may help us self-actualize

I constantly hear “Large Language Models just produce statistically average language”, as if that were:

A) Inherently bad

B) Different from what humans do

Then, I also hear “Language is infinite. AI can’t keep up with all of the possibilities”.

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Exploring the world of audiovisual translation with Jorge Díaz-Cintas

In the dynamic field of audiovisual translation (AVT), few names stand out as prominently as Jorge Díaz-Cintas. With a career spanning decades, Jorge has been at the forefront of transforming how we experience translated content on our screens.

This blog post is based on the interview that Jorge Díaz-Cintas gave to, where he shared his valuable insights and experiences in the field of audiovisual translation.

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Summer vacation, no problem: Freelancers can help your business thrive

As summer approaches, many businesses face the challenge of maintaining productivity while employees take vacations. This can lead to a significant reduction in workforce in the language industry, potentially impacting project timelines, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, your bottom line. However, there's a solution to this perennial problem: freelancers.

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Romina Escorihuela: De Casa Rosada a formar colegas argentinos en

En, nos enorgullece contar con profesionales excepcionales que contribuyen al crecimiento y desarrollo de nuestra comunidad. Hoy, hablaremos de Romina Escorihuela, una de nuestras formadoras más destacadas, cuya experiencia y dedicación han sido una inspiración para muchos.

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