Copywriters wanted for pool of screened language professionals

pexels-photo-891674.jpegA copywriter pool has been launched at Pools™ make it easier to discover freelance professionals working in certain select fields. All freelance copywriters are invited to join the pool.

Copywriters will be asked to specify their working language(s), companies worked for, general hourly rates, provide bio information and may include a short work sample.

Pool profiles can be filtered by copywriting types such as

  • Advertising copy
  • Business names
  • Marketing email copy
  • Press releases
  • Product listings and descriptions 
  • Taglines
  • Website SEO copy
  • and more 


To participate in pools, certain terms and conditions must be accepted including showing real name, agreeing to feedback and ongoing screening for commercial viability.

There are now 12 Pools™ available for freelancer sourcing and hiring professionals who are interpreters, subtitlers, game localizers, pharmaceutical translators, literary translators, students and CPN translators

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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