How are freelance translators impacted by the United States government shutdown?

January 22, 2019 / by Mike Donlin

US-federal-workersThe active shutdown of the federal government is the longest in United States history, entering its 32nd day as of this writing.

Over 400,000 federal workers are not being paid and others have been put on a temporary leave (furloughed).  The United States media has focused on the long lines at the airport and national parks are left unattended since the shutdown started on December 22, 2018.

How has the government shutdown impacted freelancers in the language industry? This question is being discussed in the Money Matters forum.

Some possible impact on language freelancers include:

  • Less work from government contracts and activity
  • Opportunities halted because government loans have not been processed
  • Waiting on direct payment from government agencies
  • Waiting on payment because client has not been paid by the federal government

When will it end? CNN provides 6 scenarios that could ACTUALLY end the government shutdown.

Are you impacted by the shutdown? Discuss it at

To US federal employees interested in freelancing in the language industry, now may be the right time to register at




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Mike Donlin

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