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Jared oversees Member services at ProZ.com. An ex-language teacher, he has lived and worked in Argentina since 1996. He has been with ProZ.com through the La Plata office since 2007. You can follow him on Twitter, @taboredinc .
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Trends in the language services industry: general industry trends

The events we've looked at so far probably took most of us by surprise. General trends in the language services industry are much less surprising if you have been in the game for a while. We can say that some of these trends have been intensified over the past two years or so, but for the most part they were all pre-existing. In general, we can say that:

1. Demand for language services continues to rise.
  • Content creation continues to grow exponentially,
  • Spending on language services will continue to increase,
  • More languages are being added to the demand in order to reach more people.
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Trends in the language services industry: Global concerns, part three

The Great Resignation, The Big Firing, and Other Epic Names

You have probably read terms such as The Great Resignation, The Big Reshuffle, The Big Firing, Quiet Quitting, and others which are commonly being thrown about nowadays, and which make for great clickbait in our news feeds. While the media coverage seems to focus mostly on these phenomena as they affect workers in the regular 9 to 5, it is important to keep in mind that they are also feeding into the pool of available freelancers in many industries, including language services. Many employees leaving their 9 to 5 jobs are going into freelancing; one estimate is that in the United States alone, 50% of the total workforce will be (at least partially) freelance by 2028. Having gone remote during the pandemic gave a large segment of the population a small taste of one part of the freelancing life, and most are currently grappling with remote work vs. back to the office. So now you have both necessity and desire fueling a shift to freelancing as a way of life.
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About that one ProZ.com team member...

Some of you may or may not have received an email recently, related to the year-end campaign discounts on membership, training, and software, with a ProZ.com team image that had one extra, rather canine-looking team member added to it. And some of you caught it, and asked about it. The truth is, there is an odd number of people on the team at the moment, so we weren't sure how to best add a team pic with just two rows and have it look neat. So: meet Max.
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Trends in the language services industry: Global concerns, part two

In early 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine, setting off a chain of events the full results of which we have yet to see. In the immediate aftermath, a great number of people in Ukraine were either forced to leave their country or internally displaced. Again, it was the freelance translators and interpreters who had the skills and tools available to weather the storm with just a tiny bit more of certainty when it came to securing an income, in a moment where everything was uncertain. 
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Music to translate to: a collaborative playlist


Some need absolute silence while working. It might also depend on the job, or the part of the job. For some, they work best when the music is just right.


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Trends in the language services industry: Global concerns, part one

The past two to three years have been, as many a corporate email would remind us during the COVID-19 pandemic, “challenging times.” A great many things changed from one day to the next, and now in 2022 we’re still figuring out what some of this means for our work and our lives moving forward. What does this look like to freelance professionals in the language services industry? This report will take a look at both global and industry-specific challenges and opportunities that have presented themselves since the last report, and how freelance language professionals are dealing with those challenges and taking advantage of those opportunities.

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Submissions open for ProZ.com's 30th translation contest

ProZ.com contests started back in 2007. Time flies, and so do submission phases of contests, so if you have a moment, don't wait! The latest translation contest, ProZ.com's 30th, is now open for submissions. There are source texts in English and Spanish, authored by two members of the ProZ.com community. 

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The state of the linguist supply chain: a CSA report on translators and interpreters in 2020


In the second half of 2019, ProZ.com, Translators without Borders, and other organizations collaborated with Common Sense Advisory (CSA) on a survey directed at professional translators and interpreters. The information gathered in this survey, which was completed by over 7,000 professionals (most of them freelancers), was then used by CSA to build a report which covers a variety of areas, including demographics, behaviors, interaction with clients, income, technology, and trends and challenges being faced by today's freelance language professional. The ProZ.com team is happy to be able to help distribute this report to those who may be interested.

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Improvements to "What I am working on", Project History, keyword directory search

Some recent minor improvements have been made to better connect the What I am working on  feature (WIWO) with the Project History feature in profiles, and to help you better market yourself in your areas of expertise to potential clients and collaborators through both. In relation to these improvements, an adjustment has been made in the Find directory to help clients find you based on the projects you have worked on.

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Success story: Martin Riordan - Portuguese (BR) to English, legal and corporate

Martin Riordan is a Portuguese (BR) to English translator and lawyer specialized in legal and corporate translations.  He is based in Brazil.

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The power of words: Translators without Borders donation drive to provide crisis relief, health information and education

Since 1993, Translators without Borders (TwB) has been providing translations for non-profit organizations in the areas of crisis relief, health, and education, training new translators in under-resourced languages, and helping to raise awareness about why language is so important in humanitarian work.

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Did you miss UTIC 2019, or want to see something again?

This year, ProZ.com/TV provided a live broadcast from the Ukrainian Translation Industry Camp (UTIC). If you missed part or all of it, or just want to go back and see some of the sessions again, ProZ.com members will have access to the archived recordings. It definitely looks like a great event was had by all.

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Freelancer success stories


We all define success in different ways. Do you consider yourself successful? Are you proud or happy about where you are right now in your career? Of professional objectives you have reached? Would you be willing to share with others how you got there? 

A new site area, "Freelancer success stories", is now available under the "Member activities" menu.

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Survey for professional translators and interpreters, your input will be appreciated

Common Sense Advisory (CSA), in cooperation with Translators without Borders (TwB) and ProZ.com, is conducting a large-scale survey on translators and interpreters, to research challenges being faced and changes being made by today's professionals. Please consider taking some time to respond to this survey-- your input will be greatly appreciated. Results of this research will be made available to ProZ.com members.


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Human response to a changing industry: Part 4

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