Just OK is not OK for your professional profile

January 9, 2019 / by Mike Donlin

ok-free-clipart-1AT&T has launched a popular series of amusing advertisements called “Just OK Is Not OK”.

In this campaign, the world's largest telecommunications company, created situations where a service provider is telling a concerned client that they are "OK" at their work. The humorous situations involve a tattoo artist, surgeon, an auto repair shop suggesting they are not bad, but maybe also not very good at these tasks.

Keep this clever campaign in mind when updating your professional or business profile for 2019. 

Your future clients are looking for a great match (not just ok). Make sure they know you are the best choice. When marketing to your future clients, whether at or elsewhere, highlight your specialties. Move beyond generalities like your education and language pair to stand out among the world's linguists with specifics. 

  • Are you an expert in game localization for massive multiplayer games like Fortnite? 
  • Have you interpreted for crytpocurrency conferences?
  • Maybe your interests are in specialty foods? 
  • Or is your business already working with some of the world's best known brands?

Perhaps none of these are true, but there is likely something unique about your experience. Share your experiences, your passions in your profile so that the person looking knows you (or your business) are more than "Just OK" at something. 

Profiles completion tips are available at Keep in mind it is possible to improve your profile from mobile phone as well.


Have you seen this advertising campaign? It is described at AdWeek "AT&T Shows What’s Wrong With Settling for Just an ‘OK’ Network." I have pasted my favorite one below - where the tattoo artist suggests his art is 'OK' and he is among the tattoo artists in New York City (instead of "the" tattoo artist to go to in the city).






Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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