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January 21, 2020 / by Mike Donlin

laptop-computer-macbook-apple-7361Did you know you can set preferences on language jobs related emails in all sorts of ways, to make your experience with better serve your needs? Interesting and lucrative opportunities from language companies and end clients are posted as jobs hundreds of times each day.

Many users set their email preferences at and forget them. 

This post is your reminder. If you want to know about jobs posted in your language pairs, translation jobs, interpreting jobs, specialties, working fields and interest fields, be sure you are set to receive jobs notifications.

You have the tools to take control and determine your own choices on how much, or how little job related notifications you receive. The jobs notification link is available at:

Be sure you are logged into and have immediate notifications clicked.

Decide what kind of offers you want, who you might want to block from sending, and even what country they come from, and whether you want to see the budget involved before responding. This can be done from the flags and filters setting. 


It’s never too late to start making your own choices.

Many jobs are members only, or shown only to members for the first 12 hours. Get more jobs by becoming a member this year.


This blog post was borrowed from one of the "50 Steps to get to know" - available as part of the Translators and Interpreters ( group on Facebook that boasts over 32,000 members as of this posting. See the original Facebook post and comments on email notifications and check out more tips as part of the group.

Questions about how to setup your job notifications?
Submit a support request and a site staff member can help. 

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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