New Plus package benefit: TransPDF credits


TransPDF is an online service provided by Iceni Technology Ltd. which allows you to convert PDF files to XLIFF for use with your own translation tools. You can then convert your translated XLIFF back to PDF. Every final PDF from can be edited free-of-charge with Infix PDF Editor 7.
TransPDF works via the exchange of credits. Users are granted 25 free credits upon sign up, and can then purchase credits as needed.

Through cooperation between and Iceni Technology Ltd., TransPDF now offers Plus members an additional 10 free credits per month as part of their Plus subscription. users who are not Plus subscribers, or Plus subscribers who have used their monthly allotment of credits may purchase credits at a discounted rate (up to 25% off), from this page.

To get started using TransPDF: 

  1. visit
  2. Sign in to TransPDF with your account credentials
  3. Once you are signed in at TransPDF, you can see your remaining credits or purchase new credits at a discount via by going to the "My Account" section.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will the 10 credits expire at the end of each month?
A: Yes. They will not accumulate.

Q: Where can I buy discounted credits through
A: At

Announcement previously posted to the Translator Coop forum:

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