Try the new instant login button in Protemos!


Have you checked the new login option in Protemos? If you are a user, you may want to know that you can now log in to Protemos with a single click.

Protemos is a translation management system that allows you organize your translation workflow. With this tool, you no longer need to worry about creating different folders for your projects or manually completing invoices; Protemos does it for you. And the best thing is that, as a user, you can enjoy all the newly integrated features. If you hadn’t heard of it before, I suggest you to try it now.

Having to store or remember multiple usernames and passwords can sometimes be time consuming. Furthermore, think of the risks of typing your password over and over again. If you want to maximize your internet security, you may not want to keep entering usernames and passwords all the time.

Your security efforts are now simplified by logging into your Protemos account using the log in button.

Just go to the Protemos login page  and click on the button that reads Log in with



If this is the first time you use this feature, you will have to connect your Protemos account with your account. This is required in order to authorize access from your account. Simply click on Yes, I’ll allow access.


Yes, I'll allow access

With Protemos you can manage the entire lifecycle of your translation projects, from file reception to project delivery and invoicing. You can organize your clients and obtain detailed finance statistics.


If you don’t have a Protemos account, you can create one now. It’s simple, you just have to click on this button to create your account:

create an account

Protemos is completely free for freelancers and offers a great support for their users.


This is one of the many features integrated into Protemos, log in now to discover the rest!



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Written by Enrique member services

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