Seeking interns or have work for students? Check out the student pool

internship-bannerAre you a language service provider looking for interns? Do you have work that could be done by students - training the next generation of professionals?  Students are highlighting their interest in an internship as part of the student pool at

Perhaps there is a category of translation work that is not so sensitive that it requires the services of a more established provider. Consider hiring students from this pool. 

Recent adjustments to the pool make it easier to find interns that may match your needs.

  • Yellow banners bring attention to students seeking internships
  • A direct link is now available that helps your search
  • If your profile location is known, the search may be limited to your country

Browse student interns

Students are invited to join the expanding student pool. Use this opportunity to let the language community know your objectives, languages, school attending, field of study and more.


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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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