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Hello all,

In the translation contest 
"A translator's life" the finals stage has come to a close. Winners have been determined in the following language pairs:

English to Chinese: Jyuan_us

English to Romanian: Iulia Parvu

English to Greek: Zoi Patrinou

English to Swedish: Tony Larsson

English to Czech: Jana Zajicova

Spanish to English: Gonzalo Vidal
English to Spanish: Seury Felce
French to English: Sarah Bessioud
English to Italian: Elia Gasparini
English to Hindi: Deepti Prakash
English to Portuguese (BR): Oliver Simões
English to French: Emilie Declaron
English to German: Romana Vlcek and Dr. Tilmann Kleinau
French to Russian: Oksana Mikhailova
Indonesian to English: Sherinkeshia Usagi
English to Arabic: Assem AlKhallouf and Huda Al-Hussain
English to Portuguese (EU): Conceição Nobre
English to Russian: Sergei Krotov
English to Urdu: Ahmad Jalil
English to Korean: Brad Kim
English to Swahili: Fredrick Otiato
English to Ukrainian: Andriy Yasharov
English to Norwegian (Bokmal): Merethe Flusund
French to Spanish: Rosa Enciso
French to Bengali: Santanu Ghosh
French to Romanian: Iulia Parvu
English to Norwegian: Hanne-Sofie Frantzen
English to Indonesian: Ricardo Sandy Aries
English to Turkish: Onur ilter
English to Bulgarian: Yavor Dimitrov
English to Japanese: Reiko Ando
English to Polish: Janusz Buczynski
English to Hungarian: Boglárka Bajusz

In the remaining pairs, too few votes were received to define a winning translation, or not enough entries were received in order to open competition, and they have been placed in feedback mode so that the translations can be viewed and discussed (visit the "Discussion & feedback" tab within each pair).

Go to pairs in feedback 
A translator's life

As this Contest has come to an end, please be on the lookout for news on our next one: "Movie night". Coming soon!
Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who voted!

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More contest FAQ: Get the answers here.

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Ana Moirano

Written by Ana Moirano

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