Winners for "Alien first impressions" translation contest


Another translation contest has come to an end, and we finally know who the winners of "Alien first impressions" are in the following language pairs:

English to RussianAnna Chalisova
English to ArabicMohamed Mahmoud
English to Portuguese (EU):Nuno Couto
English to AmharicFasil Bogale
English to Hindishafique alam
English to JapaneseTakafumi Miyauchi
English to SlovakZuzana Kapustova
English to SwahiliNuhu Bakari
English to TurkishYunus Can ATLAR
English to BulgarianYavor Dimitrov
English to Dutchdetextive
English to GreekMarianna Tsatsou
English to RomanianAurelia Popa
English to SomaliAbdulkadir Qorane Suleiman
English to ThaiSomkiat Sawadram
English to UrduKhalid Malik
Spanish to ItalianCristina Bufi Poecksteiner, M.A. and Annibale Marsili
French to Portuguese (EU)Nuno Couto

Winners could not be selected in other language pairs, since there were not enough votes or entries submitted, but they are available here for you to provide feedback.


Congratulations to the winners! And thank you very much to all participants.


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Happy translating,


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Julieta Llamazares

Written by Julieta Llamazares

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