Music to translate to: a collaborative playlist

collaborative playlist


Some need absolute silence while working. It might also depend on the job, or the part of the job. For some, they work best when the music is just right.


What do you listen to while you are translating? Do you have some favorite go-tos to recommend to others who may be looking for new music to work to?


Over in the Facebook group, we've started a collaborative playlist in Spotify, called Music to translate to. Any translator who has favorites to add to the list can do so, and if you are looking for new music to work to, you might want to check it out to see if there is anything there you like. Hopefully, the playlist will grow as more and more translators collaborate on it.



From within Spotify, you can add the playlist to your library by clicking on the heart icon at the top, which will make it easy to add music to the playlist. You can jump to the playlist directly with this link:


If you add music to the playlist, thank you for collaborating! If you listen to the playlist, enjoy!


Happy translating. ♫





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Jared Tabor

Written by Jared Tabor

Jared oversees Member services at An ex-language teacher, he has lived and worked in Argentina since 1996. He has been with through the La Plata office since 2007. You can follow him on Twitter, @taboredinc .

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