Add Netflix Hermes number to subtitler pool profile

Editor's note: Netflix discontinued the Hermes test after this blog post was published.

The subtitler pool at has added a field for Hermes test information. Those that have a Hermes number can display this as part of their subtitler pool profile.

Hermes is the 90-minute Netflix translator test. It is used by Netflix fulfillment partners, to qualify freelancers for subtitling jobs with the world's leading internet entertainment service. HERMESLOGO.jpeg
Netflix provides each applicant with a unique identifying number - the Hermes number. As part of the subtitler pool at, a freelance professional may add this information to the profile and a special icon will appear. will only show that a number exists. The profile does not display the personal number. Having a number not a requirement to be a part of the pool.

The Hermes test has been discussed in the subtitler forum

Subtitlers with experience providing captions for movies, television shows, documentaries and other video content are invited to apply for the subtitler pool at Current profiles may be edited at that link as well. Translation companies are invited to source screened professionals for their next subtitling project via the pool.
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