Celebrating ProZ.com's 20th anniversary by the sea

On Wednesday 4th September 2019, twelve translators (one of whom arrived after this photo and one of whom was holding the camera!) met in the outdoor pergola of the fine Vista Corona restaurant in Barceloneta, the leisure and marina area of Barcelona, in one of the ProZ.com 20th anniversary powwows!


BCN powwow


I thought first of all of putting together a few activities to help everyone ease into the conversation, but decided to go with my hunch that translators will soon find things in common to talk about. And so it proved. The conversation flowed, as did the wine and beer, and the assembled wordsmiths had plenty to discuss, whether to do with professional issues or just the simple fact of living in Barcelona. As it turned out, I’d say twelve or so people is an ideal number, allowing everyone to mingle and talk to all the others.

As far as I know, there had been no powwows for quite a while in Barcelona –certainly nobody in the group could recall one. But there will definitely be more since everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity for conversation and networking, this time on a very balmy late summer evening in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Where next?

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Andrew Morris

Written by Andrew Morris

Coordinator, ProZ Pro Bono

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