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November 28, 2018 / by Mike Donlin

teamwork-office-pexelsRecent enhancements at make it easier to connect businesses with their employees. Business employees may each have their own profile, while sharing certain aspects like business identification, membership and ability to act on behalf of a business.

Sharing a general account to achieve business member benefits will no longer be necessary. Business entities will have their own business page with vital organizational information, including a list of representative employees. Profiles will be for freelancers or for representative employees associated to a business entity.

Business members gain additional benefits related to business membership for all of its registered employees. This means each business member employee will be able to recruit from poolsrespond to member job postings, make payments and have privileged communication with freelancers.

Freelancer advantages to this connection at include:

  • More personalized interaction with recruiters
  • Trust in the individuals and agencies you are working with 
  • Clearer distinctions site wide between freelance language professionals and LSP employees

Business administrators, vendor managers, project managers and other outsourcer advantages include:

  • Maintain your individual identity, properly associated with your business
  • Administrators have one location to administer your business identity and team
  • Increase qualified responses to your outsourcing efforts (recruiting of freelancers)
  • Brand and credibility building from business pages and employee interactions


Need more information on extending business membership benefits your employees, or employees ready to claim your business? Please submit a support request


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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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