Business members can personalize batch emails

For many project managers and recruiters, sending mass emails should be avoided at all costs as they lack the touch of personalization they strive for when reaching out to potential service providers.

However, sending bulk messages is sometimes necessary when you're working under tight deadline and don't have the time to wait for quotes on your posted jobs. Other also like to supplement job postings with messages to make sure that the are reaching more people. But let's face it, no one wants to receive an email that begins with the words "Dear Linguist", "Dear Translator", or just "Dear".

Because of this, Business members can now add an extra layer of personalization to their batch emails sent from ProZ Find and the Classic Directory

A new button will enable you to insert your recipients' names or usernames (depending on their private settings) in any part of the message form, whether it's in the message itself or even the subject line.

To insert the name on ProZ Find's batch email manager, you first need to make your search and select the service providers you want to contact. Afterwards, you need to click "Show batch options" button that appears at the top of the list and then the message icon (remember to check if you have service providers selected from a previous search to see if you need to clear your list). Then, a pop up will appear allowing you to view your selected candidates and to send a message. To add their name, you just need to click the green button and a name tag will appear where your cursor was in the body of the text or subject line.


In the Classic Directory, you need to conduct your search, select the candidates you want to message and click "Mail all now" next to "Candidates in batch mail list: xx", making sure to clear your list if you had been sending batch messages before! The process of adding the tag is exactly the same as it was on ProZ Find: 



In the preview of the message, the tag will look like {name}, but worry not! Once the message is sent, it will be replaced by the name or username of the person who receives the message.


Got questions or are interested in becoming a business member to take advantage of this feature? Don't hesitate to write us at! 

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Rocío Tempone

Written by Rocío Tempone

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