Freelancers help during holiday and vacation seasons

15296476Today is Good Friday, part of the Easter observance in many locations and a long holiday weekend in others. Holidays and vacations see language companies facing a familiar challenge: maintaining productivity and meeting deadlines with limited resources.

Staff members, and trusted usual freelancers may take well-deserved breaks and vacations, leaving translation projects hanging in the balance. However, rather than viewing this as a hurdle, savvy language companies recognize it as an opportunity for growth. By embracing freelancers through platforms like, they can not only keep operations running smoothly but also set the stage for long-term expansion and success.

Here's how leveraging freelancers during holiday seasons and other periods of limited resources can propel your language company forward:

Keeps going: With freelancers at your disposal, there's no need to put projects on hold or risk missing deadlines when staff members are away. Freelancers provide seamless continuity, ensuring that your clients receive timely and consistent service regardless of the time of year.

15296523Expanded capacity: By tapping into a global network of talented freelancers, your language company can instantly expand its capacity to handle projects of any size or complexity. Whether you're facing a sudden influx of work or need to scale up to meet growing demand, freelancers offer the flexibility and scalability you need to thrive. Use the holidays to add to your capacity.

Differentiate your company: Being able to use freelancers to complete projects during vacations, or periods of slow down for others will differentiate your company from the others. Be the company that can meet any challenge because you have a superpower - access to 1.4 million language professionals at By nurturing relationships with freelancers who consistently deliver high-quality work, you can enhance your company's reputation, attract new clients, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

To make the most of freelancers during holiday seasons and beyond, consider implementing the following strategies:

15296505Proactive planning: Anticipate your company's translation needs in advance and start sourcing freelancers early to ensure availability and secure the best talent for your projects. If your trusted US-based subtitlers will take time off to enjoy the 4th of July, get your job posted and audio visual professionals onboarded in June.

Clear communication: Establish open and transparent communication channels with freelancers, providing clear instructions, feedback, and support throughout the project lifecycle. If they are covering for times of others, keep in mind they may need some additional help with your processes. Better communication will allow the project to move forward without you too - allowing a break of your own.

External recruiting processes: Utilize's tools and features, such as job posting and directory searches with batch messaging, to streamline your workflow and maximize efficiency when recruiting freelancers. Post that upcoming job, search for people and start the conversation ahead of time.

By embracing freelancers during holiday seasons and other periods of limited resources, your language company may actually grow during times of personnel scarcity, emerge stronger than before. With the right strategy and mindset, more localization freelancers can become invaluable partners in your company's journey towards growth and success.

Other ways to make this work through include connecting with another business to help fulfill your requirements or let manage your translation project, payments, vetting and more.

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Mike Donlin

Written by Mike Donlin

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