How do I get a credential verified at

photo: honey-yanibel-minaya-cruz-566197-unsplashLanguage-related credentials reported by members may be verified. These credentials are shown in the professional profile, some pools, and might be used to restrict job postings.

Credentials at are degrees, certificates or diplomas issued by formal institutions upon completion of a translation or language course, or passing a language or translation-related test.

These institutions may include educational institutions (universities, colleges or schools, for example) or translator organizations (ATA, NAATI, US State Department, for example), among others.

At this time the following credentials can be verified:

  • Accreditations issued by authorities such as: AAIT, AAIC, CTA, etc.
  • Language-related academic credentials or degrees issued by accredited educational institutions

How do I get a credential verified at Edit credentials

Report your credentials in your Profile Updater by clicking on 'Add credentials' next to the corresponding language pair declared in the Language pairs section.

A window (pictured) will pop up allowing you to report any professional credentials, certifications or accreditation you have earned from recognized authorities.

Next, send an attachment of your credential(s) and, if necessary, translations of the document(s) through the online support system. Files may be in pdf or image format. If the files are photographs or scans of the document, be sure that they are clearly legible.

If your credentials are not in English, Spanish, Russian or Ukrainian, be sure to attach the English translations of them as well. will verify your credentials. Let prospective clients know that they are included in your profile. 

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Graduation dabbing photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash


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