Introducing Meetups Meetups are a new way for paying members to network, communicate, share and have fun with other language professionals in a virtual environment.

Remo floor plan

Meetups take place in Remo, a networking platform which simulates a conference floor with tables for up to six people.

You can change tables whenever you want to interact with different people as if you were in an in-person event.

Check the Meetups page for more information on the next Meetup scheduled for November 25—, how to join, system requirements to use Remo, and more!

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The first Meetup took place on October 29. Hosted by Andrew Morris and Paul Urwin, who presented some ideas and topic starters on the subject of startups and setting up a translation business, over a hundred members joined to meet and network with colleagues.

Andrew and Paul present startups in Remo

If you're a member, you can pre-register for the next one on November 25 at 1 PM GMT in the Meetups page and you'll receive a reminder a couple of days in advance and then when it's time to join Remo (15 minutes earlier). 


Want to join the Meetup but you're not a member yet?




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Rocío Tempone

Written by Rocío Tempone

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