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You might have noticed that new GBK questions have started rolling out. Or maybe you haven't, and maybe you don't even know what GBK is. So let's start at the beginning. 

The GBK, or Glossary-Building KudoZ network aims to enable the community to together find the best translation of a given term into their languages, and to incorporate the term and its translations into an authoritative glossary which will be made available openly under the Creative Commons by license.

It's also a way to provide opportunities for KudoZ participation (along with the associated benefits of networking, learning and professional differentiation), in pairs and fields in which few questions are being asked.

You can see all the open questions in your languages and fields here.

Participation in a GBK question, including answering, posting references and grading, is limited during the first 72 hours to site users who have the corresponding fields of expertise among their specialty fields, have the corresponding language pair or the reverse pair among their working ones, and are native in either source or target languages; to guarantee the quality of the resulting glossary entries.

At the end of the 72 hours submission phase (and periodically if the question entered in a selection phase), the system makes its selection based on the net number of peer agrees received by each answer.

So far, we have been releasing two new GBK questions every week. You can get notifications when new GBK questions are posted! Simply go to your KudoZ email settings from your home menu.

Once in your KudoZ email settings, make sure that your notifications for your languages and pairs are on, and that you haven't checked Ignore glossary-building questions

Start contributing now!

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Andrea Capuselli

Written by Andrea Capuselli

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