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Language Advocacy: Meet the Global Coalition for Language Rights

The Global Coalition for Language Rights (GCLR) is a group of individuals and organizations working at the intersection of languages and human rights.

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Tips, tricks and templates for your translation resume

In the fast-paced language industry, it's essential to have a strong and attractive resume always ready to go. Of course, what makes a resume work for one language professional may not do the trick for another, and there's no one-size-fits-all. On the contrary, you should aim to stand out from the crowd: your resume, like your profile, will be more effective if it's personalized.

These suggestions are meant to help you arrive at your ideal resume, or even resumes: plenty of freelancers will have different CVs to use in the various markets they target or to represent their different services. Remember that you should update your resume regularly, so don't stress about landing your perfect CV on the first try —it's likely you'll find something new to improve every time you look at it with fresh eyes.

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Do you know how to spot a potential scam?

As an online freelancer, you already know that you have to do your due diligence before accepting a new job. There are basic risk management measures that every professional offering their work on the Internet must take, and following them will allow you to spot a potentially problematic client. But do you know how to identify a potential scam? Here, we share three simple steps to tell a scammer from a legitimate new contact. 

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My client still hasn't paid me! What now? —Part 2

This post is Part 2 of a two-part guide on how to deal with non-payment issues.
If you haven't read it yet, find Part 1 here.

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My client isn't paying me! What can I do? —Part 1

You already know how to assess a new client and decide if you're comfortable starting a professional relation with them. Unfortunately, clients new and old may sometimes get behind with payments for a number of reasons. From a change of personnel in the finance department, through an inefficient new management software, all the way to cashflow issues; there are a myriad factors that may cause a client who has long been reliable and trustworthy to leave your invoice unpaid.

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A history of women making change through translation

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th, to commemorate Russian women's winning of the vote in 1917, after organizing a four-day strike that forced the Czar to abdicate. But the first Women's Day observance, called National Woman's Day, was actually held on February 28th, 1909, in New York City, organized by socialist activist Theresa Malkiel, a labor organizer and educator. Today, International Women's Day demonstrations are still largely protests against the oppression and inequality that women are subjected to.


Covers for The First Wife by Paulina Chizianc, One of Us is Sleeping by Josefine Klougart, and The Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante

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How to write an effective job quote

As a freelance language professional on, there are many ways for you to find work. The vast majority of the workload that flows through the site comes from clients searching the Translators Directory or ProZ Find, so a good profile is a must to meet new clients through the site.

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What is SEO and what is it for?


SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a cluster of practices and techniques for increasing the quality and quantity of visits of a website or a web page by targeting search engine users. Over half of all website traffic comes from organic search —that means, traffic from search engines that you aren’t paying for. In Google alone, 63,000 searches are conducted per second.

SEO settings affect not only how you show up on, but how (and if) you appear on search engines.


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Over a decade of localization localization: A community effort to make accessible to everyone.


If you are non-native English speaker, you might have realized by now that is also available in over 60 other languages. This is possible thanks to localizers, site members who have volunteered their efforts and skills to help the community. localization started in 2006, with the goal of making accessible for non-English speaking language professionals. Over a decade has passed, and today, is being localized into 84 languages. Some of the areas that have been localized so far include...

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Last few hours: 26 language pairs need your vote to choose a winner

Put your sharp eye to the test and choose the winners for the translation contest

Calling all specialists to help build comprehensive glossaries

Last chance to help decide the finalists for "The Tides of Tech" translation contest


The latest translation contest, "The Tides of Tech", is extending the qualifications phase for a week in 12 language-pairs, to give them a last chance to move onto finals. Take a second to rate these translations and help your colleagues move onto the next phase of the competition!

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Celebrating 20 years with the Argentinian team

On Friday, August 30th, we met at a pancake cafe & diner in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina,to celebrate’s 20th anniversary. It was the first powwow for many of us, including the newly added staff members from the Argentinian team. We ended up being forty people --taking up more tables than planned-- and we had a lot of fun!

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